music playlist about my best friend

These songs are a good representation of my best friend Alyssa Shuman the playlist includes songs; “This is me” from the greatest showman, “Born this way” “We will rock you” “thanks for the memories”  “baby shark” and “not today” by twenty one pilots.

The first song that makes me think of Alyssa is “This is me” from the greatest showman. This makes me think of her because the first impression i got from her is she is really confident. I walked over to her the first day I met her and said “hey” and she looked at me like i was drunk. I thought she hated me but then i knew i couldn’t give up trying to be friends with her because she got up to hit and was so confident i knew we could be really good friends. To this day we are best friends.

The next song that reminds me of alyssa is “Born this way” because she is not afraid to show who she really is. She is awesome she is amazing at sports, and she is so emotionally strong. She used to laugh at me when i danced to this song during shockwave practice. She is incredible at sports and this makes me think of her during sports because, she just steps up without a squint of fear on her face and plays the game.

My next song is “we will rock you” from Queen. Shuman is a very hard worker, if it involves people she cares about it will be dealt with. I highly admire her for this trait. she is very loyal and hard working. Once she helped me get through a very tough time when people were being rude and she made it all better, by making me laugh. Another reason this song is on my playlist is because this was our favorite softball cheer.

The next song on my playlist is “Thanks for the memories” by fall out boy from the album from the album Infinity on High. Shuman and I have so many amazing memories. My favorite is when her dad brought her and her brother over and she let me do her makeup. She looked so good. I hope we can do it again soon because I never hang out with her enough.

Another great song that reminds me of alyssa is Baby Shark by Bébé Requin. When her and I were playing basketball together for the school, we would play this song on the bus and dance until we cried laughing. This is such a strong memory i had to include it because, I want to do it again.

My final song is “not today” by twenty one Pilots from the album Regional at Best. Why I think of Lyssa when I hear this song is because, this is the song i played when I first did lyssa’s hair. Her hair was really hard to straighten but she looked awesome. It was basically the last time she hung out at my house. I really hope we can hang out again soon.

This playlist was about my best friend alyssa, she is really funny and she’s an amazing friend. Our friendship goes beyond your average type of bond, I miss her dearly. that’s my playlist about my best friend alyssa.

compare and contrast

my song is hallelujah by jeff buckley. The cover version is by tori kelly. they have very different vocal styles. They for starters are two different genders therefore have different vocal ranges. Tori kelly has several octaves then jeff Buckley. Also Jeff buckley sings in rich deep prolonged notes while, Tori Kelly sings in high brighter tones. Also Tori Kelly changed the words to a less religious version.

The version by Jeff Buckley was published in 1994. The tempo is very slow. This piece’s mood is depressing and sad. It uses somber phrases. His voice was very warm and deep. His lyric are about god and it has very religious phrases. The backing music is very slow and low just like his voice.

Hallelujah by Tori Kelly was published in 2016. The tempo though still slow is not as slow as Jeff’s. It has modernized the lyrics to a more joyful use of hallelujah. Rather then it being the end of sorrow it is the epitome of happiness. It uses delicate phrases. Her voice is high and bright. The instruments used for the background are oboe, bassoon, trumpet, timpani, violin, viola, cello and organ.

I believe both the cover and the original of this song are quite good. However I must admit I enjoy the bright tones of Tori Kelly’s voice better then that of Jeff Buckley. Therefore though both songs are good and quite similar I enjoy Hallelujah by Tori Kelly better then by Jeff Buckley.

Featured song


The artist of this song is Of Monsters and Men. The song came out in 2011. They published their own song. it was number 1 in the UK top 40.

In this song they use a trumpet, and drums for the majority of they instrumental in this piece. It is sung by two people, a boy and girl who sing together. they harmonize for the corus wonderfully. This piece has an exciting mood because of the trumpet part that speeds the melody. The tempo is slow and then speeds up at the corus. The lyrics are about I believe that he is dead. The female is missing him so he says he’ll hold her hand and get her through the pain of losing him.

My Music Biography

I have been playing an instrument for four years. I play the flute and i have played the piccolo. I’m also in chorus, I sing alto and soprano. I currently am a pitcher and catcher. I love the band Aerosmith! My favorite song is Love in an Elevator. I love them because they have amazing guitar solo’s. I usually listen to them in my room.

I drew this of the Aerosmith logo