Assignment #4: Playlist Project

Select one of the following for the topic for your playlist:

  • Biography of yourself
  • A person close to you in your life
  • Your future dreams and ambitions
  • An important event in your life

 Select a minimum of 6 songs to be on your playlist. Choose carefully not just the songs themselves, but the order in which they are presented.

 Here is how you should format your playlist:

  1. Write a brief opening paragraph introducing your playlist and topic, and the themes that run throughout your playlist.
  2. Follow this pattern for each song:
    1. A paragraph about your song that includes: Artist, Title, Album (if necessary) and a detailed description of why this song is on your playlist.
    2. An embedded video of your song.
  3. A summary sentence or two.

The whole assignment should look like this:

Intro paragraph

Song 1 paragraph

Song 1 video

Song 2 paragraph

Song 2 video

Song 3 paragraph

Song 3 video

Song 4 paragraph

Song 4 video

Song 5 paragraph

Song 5 video

Song 6 paragraph

Song 6 video

Summary Sentence


Example:     (password is the same)

Assignment #3: Compare and Contrast

To complete this assignment:

  1. Find an original song, and a cover of that song (5pts).
    1. Make sure the original is ACTUALLY the original.
    2. Please do not use Youtube Covers of songs by some guy/girl in their bedroom. If you cannot download it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify, it doesn’t count.
  2. Research the basic facts about each song (release dates, guest artists, etc.) (5pts).
  3. Listen to both versions and analyze each selection like you did for your last assignment.
  4. Compare both versions to each other.
  5. Write a blog post explaining your analysis(30pts)

Your analysis should compare/contrast the following topics:

  1. Vocal styles (5pts)
  2. Use of Lyrics (5pts)
  3. Instrumentation (5pts)
  4. Mood (2pts)
  5. Tempo (3pts)
  6. Anything else of note that sets the two versions apart.
  7. An brief explanation of which version if your favorite and why.

Your blog should look something like this:


Paragraph 1 – Introduce both songs.

Paragraph 2 – Describe the original.

Paragraph 3 – Describe the cover, listing what makes it different from the original.

Paragraph 4 – A summary that includes your opinion on both the original song and the cover                          version. (5pts)


Paragraph 1 – introduce both songs.

Paragraph 2 – Describe how both songs are similar. (Compare)

Paragraph 3 – Describe how both songs are different. (Contrast)

Paragraph 4 – A summary that includes your opinion on both the original song                                              and the cover version. (5pts)


Grading: 40 Points Total

Song Selection – 5pts

Research – 5pts

Analysis – 25pts

Writing Style – 5pts

Assignment #2: Featured Song

This week, you will be featuring a song on your blog. It can be your favorite song, but it doesn’t have to be.

Your blog post should include the following:

  1. An embedded video of your chosen song. (5pts)
  2. A paragraph introducing your song that lists the following (you will have to research): (8pts)
    1. Artist name
    2. Date of release (at least the year)
    3. Recording company (if self-published, you must state that)
    4. How successful the song was (sales, charts, etc.)
    5. NOTE: If your song is a cover of another song, you MUST mention the original songwriter/performer.
  3. A paragraph describing your song musically. Please discuss: (10pts)
    1. Instruments
    2. Vocal styles
    3. Mood
    4. Tempo (speed)
    5. Lyric meaning
  4. A summarizing paragraph that includes your personal feelings about the song. (2pts)


Don’t forget to hit “Publish” when you are finished!

Blog Assignment #1: Your First Post


In your first post, please include the following:

  1. Write a brief musical biography. It can include any of the following:
    1. A brief biography
    2. Earliest musical memories
    3. Any musical activities in which you are involved
    4. Your music listening habits (when, where, how)
    5. Your favorite artists and why
  2. Insert a picture
    1. Go to “Insert Media”
    2. Upload a file you already have saved
    3. Select “insert into post” at the bottom right corner.
  3. Embed a video using a URL. It can be a video or your favorite song or something else that relates to you musically.
    1. Find a video online you want to insert and copy the URL
    2. Go to “Insert Media”
    3. Select “Insert from URL”
    4. Past the URL into the window. A video screenshot should  show up beneath.
    5. Select “insert into post” at the bottom right corner.

Blog Assignment #2: Comments

For your next blog assignment, your task is to read AT LEAST 3 other blogs from classmates and reply with a comment. You may leave more than 3 comments, but 3 is the minimum.

Your comment should be polite and well-written. If you disagree with your classmate, you may say so, but please do it in a respectful way.

NOTE: Your comment will NOT appear on your classmate’s page until they approve the comment. This may not happen until they blog again.

To access classmates’ blogs:

  1. Go my page at 
  2. Click 8th Grade Blogs in the menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom. There is  a list of links.