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Song Of Myself

At first I didn’t think there was a Point to this piece at all I kind of just thought like it was going to be boring or something I wouldn’t like but then again I do that a lot. But in the end I really liked it after I got to learned what each part of the story was with the symbolic reasoning behind everything was to be come a better person to make yourself better to go on a journey and not turn back. And during the whole time he continues to say that he wants people to follow but he doesn’t want help his point of view in the story made his writing different from any other piece I’ve ever read because of his point of you because of why he did it in in the end it was really enjoyable. I found one of the most important lines was in section 3 verse 14 “I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end,” and this is important because it basically says that people talk and it’s one of our differences one of our mistakes is sometimes people talk but don’t know what they’re saying you don’t know what it’s going to do to affect other people that’s why I find it one of the most important lines of this whole thing. Some difficulties that I had with the story is there were some verses that I didn’t understand and completely comprehend but then again there was lotta meeting to all of it like at the end he was giving up it was time for him to die and he was ready for it but he went through this journey for his whole life trying to make himself a better person and discover himself and it really opens peoples eyes on what you want to be makes you ask yourself is this who I am is this what I want to be is this how I’m going to live my life and it will I turn around will ask for help and the only time he asked for help is from God and I didn’t understand that first I just thought he was giving up which he was but it was only because he didn’t understand himself so during song on myself there were some parts that were confusing the symbolic reasonings were very difficult but an overall stand point it was a complex but very understanding story.

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