blog #11

My debate topic was changing the legal drinking age to 18. While I thought this was going to be an easy debate. I shortly realized it was not as easy as I had thought. My opponent had a lot of valid points on why it’s bad but I kept my head up and ended up winning the debate. So over the course of this project I did have hiccups and I did get stuck but in the end it was good and I felt that I did good on it. The argument that was the biggest deal was why it is like in other countries and at times my opponent derailed my topic of choice and over all we both had some things wrong with our debate. And an overall standpoint I feel like it did go good but maybe next time try harder with forming a debate and try to have valid facts and stay on topic. In the beginning I didn’t have my thoughts on the debate I didn’t think that I would exactly win the debate based on what my topic was because there are a lot of flaws and difficulty with changing the drinking age to 18 so it was not easy but it was easy. I feel that the topic did come out great and both me and my opponent came in strong and ended strong with a couple of bumps on the way. It actually helped me to be the last group to go in the class so that I could see what the other groups were doing how they were wording things what kind of facts they brought in if they brought in strong facts if they came in big and ended big or small and to see who won based on what the topic was.

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