Blog 14: Read-entalism-tigo

The book I am currently reading is “The Hate You Give”. I honestly have been reading this for a while. Probably since October or November, I’m not really sure. Basically, it’s been about a girl, Starr who is in the car with her old childhood friend Khalil. A cop pulls them over for no reason and asks Khalil to step out of the car, and ends up shooting him. This is a huge issue because it is in a town mostly full of black people and the cop was white. Starr is worried about standing up to the rumors about Khalil, some say he was a drug dealer, and the cop claims he saw a gun in the car. It was a hairbrush. The part I’m at now is that she is starting to feel more confident and realize that she is the only one that was there with him when it happened, other than the cop. So, they are organizing interviews and trials for her to tell her side of what happened and hopefully get justice for Khalil. Whenever I read in class it makes me want to keep reading more outside of class, but I never do. So, I usually only read on our Fridays in class, and that is why it is taking me so long to read it.

From “The Song of Myself”, I have learned that Transcendentalism has very important thoughts. The ideas make a lot of sense once they are explained. I did not like the poem though, just because it was so long and hard to understand. I seriously wouldn’t mind poems at all if they would just say exactly what they mean and not try to make you try to understand all the mysterious parts of them. I watched the trailer for the movie “Vertigo”, and it didn’t seem too terrible. It is definitely very old fashioned and poor quality, but the storyline seems good. I think the hardest part about the film critique essay will be completely understanding what’s going on in the movie. A lot of times I have a hard time understanding following the movie.


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