Hong Kong Protest

My topic for the debate is United States interference with the Hong Kong protests. The stance I must take on the issue is that the United States should not interfere with the Hong Kong protests. My personal opinion on the topic is that the United States should interfere. In all honesty, I really only know what I have heard about on the social media site Reddit. I know that the Chinese government is filtering what people can and can not see, but besides that, I am really in the dark. Most of the results I get with a basic Google search are why the United States should interfere with Hong King protesters, and there are very few stating that the United States should not interfere. I plan to try and take a logical approach by gathering the facts of what is going on in Hong Kong first. After that, I will then start to research people’s opinions and why they feel that way towards the Hong Kong protesters. An ethical issue regarding interfering with Hong Kong is that the United States and China participate in a lot of trade between each other. If the United States interferes with Hong Kong, it could make China not want to trade with us, and we would lose a lot of our trade. Many businesses have corporations set up in China that sell back to the United States. They can not risk losing this business. Both our economy and China’s would suffer if this were to occur. Emotions that could be brought into play are sympathy and pity. The United States was founded on people fighting against the government. These protesters are trying to do the same thing our ancestors did over two hundred years ago. Not only is that how our government came to, but the United States is accepting of protesters. We protect them and listen to what they have to say. If there are enough people rallying together in protest, changes will be made as a result. Many people, myself included, believe we should extend these rights to other people. Especially the Hong Kong protesters who obviously want to have these rights.

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