Poetry Finale

My first impressions of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was complete confusion. I did not understand what anything meant until somebody else explained it to me. As far as the theme is concerned, I am pretty sure the poem is about how life can not be what we hoped it would be, and there are always going to be flaws and tough times to deal with. There are many parts of the work that are still confusing to me. I only know what I know from my fellow classmates. I am not very sure about the theme of the work that I have concluded or how to interpret it. All of the allusions are also making the poem harder for me to interpret. I am unaware of all the authors and literary works that were referenced. The only allusion I was familiar with was the Sirens from Greek mythology, and I did not understand why they were used within the poem. The questions in Sound and Sense were much more difficult to answer than the Sound and Sense questions for “Eldorado”. Writing poetry has not impacted the way I read and analyze poetry. I think this is mostly because I made both of my poems pretty straight forward, and they do not really have any deeper or hidden meanings. My poetry was not anything extremely complex or symbolic like “Eldorado” and “The Dodo’s Conundrum”. The poems were extremely meaningful to me, but I got my point across without being confusing or cryptic.

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