My reaction to the poems that we’ve read is mostly neutral. I have never been horribly impressed with poetry, and I still struggle to enjoy it. I think that the reason I do not like poetry is because of teachers forcing students to pick apart poems and place meaning to every little word or phrase within the poem. I also do not like it when teachers say there is one specific theme to a poem. I believe that poems are supposed to mean something different to each individual, and the meaning and interpretation of the poem is whatever you think it is when you read it. 

I thought that Eldorado was an okay poem. It was easy enough to read, but beyond that, I again, am not really impressed. I think that after having to analyze it, I started to like it less and less. I do not think that poetry is an “awful monster”, but I do not enjoy it, and it just feels like a waste of time. Poetry is not something that will affect me later in life, unlike other topics dealt with in English. Reading and writing stories helps improve grammar, vocabulary, and diction skills for when students are older and have to write, whether it is for a college paper, a job application, or other aspects of life where you must properly convey your thoughts and ideas. Poetry does not help me in these situations. It throws most grammar rules out the window, diction is usually used to make the poem rhyme and be a certain amount of syllables, and it may increase your vocabulary, but then you must worry about if a word truly means it definition in the poem. Instead of analyzing why Edgar Allan Poe was feeling sad when he wrote a poem, we should be learning how to write a sound college research paper, or presenting an opinionated piece in a way that is not aggressive and has evidence to support it. Once I finish school, I will never again have to write, read, or analyze a poem. I would not compare poetry to a monster, it is more like an annoying niece you have to deal with during the holidays, nobody really likes her, but she does not ruin the day.

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