About My Short Story

My first concept has changed a lot between what I have now and what I started with. My first concept was vaguely about a guy murdering another guy because he slept with his wife. My story is now about a serial killer who kills racist and sexist men. I wanted to do something a little more original than my first concept, so I decided to have the serial killer a girl, and have her kill off people who are not stereotypically targeted by serial killers. I am not really satisfied with my story right now. I do not like the wording I use throughout the story during the narration, and I feel like my dialogue between my two main characters is lacking. I think that the dialogue does not captivate Gary’s fear of being murdered. I also think that the dialogue does not captivate Roselina’s disgust and willingness to murder Gary. I am happy with the symbolism I put on the story. Every time Roslina is present in the story, there is purple within the setting. I am also happy with all of Gary’s other dialogue. I think I captured Gary well as a character in the dialogue that is not spoken with Roselina. I also liked my introduction of Roselina when she kills Joseph Malone. 

I believe that the reading we have done in class has not affected my story very much, but I do believe that my independent reading, as well as other works I have read, have greatly affected how my story was written. My writing style closely mimics that of Cassandra Clare, the author of the Shadowhunters series. I read that series three years ago after watching the show, which I thought was pretty good. Although I was severely disappointed with the books, I read all six of them, and I do think that the author has pretty good diction, although the plot was bad.

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