Ideas to use from Game of Thrones

In the book that I am reading, each chapter focuses on one person at a time and describes an event they are involved in that reveals them as a character. For example, this chapter focuses on Jon Snow. During this chapter, Jon Snow, the bastard son of Lord Ned Stark, is not permitted to sit with his brothers, sisters, and father during an event to honor the king. He is grateful in this instance to be a bastard because he is able to drink as much as he wants, although he often is not grateful of his illegitimate birth. After having a few too many drinks, he is then met by his Uncle who serves the Knight Watch at the wall. His uncle describes being a part of the Knight’s Watch, and Jon begs him to become a part of it. His uncle tells him that he is too young to make such a big decision and that the conditions of the Knight Watch are no place for a boy. His uncle later makes a joke to Jon about fathering a few bastards of his own, and Jon becomes extremely angry at this statement This reveals to the reader that even though Jon Snow tries his best to act as if being a bastard does not bother him, it is something that constantly troubles him.

I could use this sort of style to reveal my characters in the exposition of my short story instead of simply giving them a brief introduction. This style of character development will help my short story become more advanced and interesting to read instead of being a basic and simplistic story. It fits into developing my story because it will help me dive into the phycology of the antagonist, who is a serial killer. Since getting into the mind of someone so detached from reality is difficult to understand, it will help to show her acting in response to a situation. It will also help with the protagonist, who is a white supremacist. He also has difficult phycology to understand, and showing him in a situation where he acts on these behaviors might help the reader understand why he is the way he is.

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