Setting in Game of Thrones

The setting in this chapter is mostly a crypt under the castle that serves as a cemetery. All former Starks are buried under here and their graves are marked with stone statues of themselves, and the lords with iron swords. Ned Stark and King Robert, who are brothers, go down to this graveyard of sorts together to mourn their sister whom Robert had been in love with. The setting of the dead’s gravestones is used to darken the mood of the chapter. The king decides to give Ned the opportunity to be the Hand of the King. This position would give Ned all the power of the king without the title, and he would be left to run the kingdom while Robert carries out his selfish lifestyle. During this, Ned attempts to refuse to which Robert tells him he must get out of the cold North and come to the South with him to experience the sun. Ned feels that he belong in the North and does not wish to join him. He then feels as if all the statues of the former Starks are looking upon this arrangement disappointedly. He can feel their gaze looking upon their descendants and what a terrible position Robert has put his brother in.   

The setting of the chapter also reveals Lord Ned Stark and King Robert had a sister and brother who had died nine years ago in a war against the self-proclaimed King of the Iron Land. We learn that the King had once been an in shape warrior to be feared, and he is now an overweight self-indulgent king. Both Robert and Ned had been in love with Lyanna, their sister, and Robert was supposed to marry her before she had been killed by Rhaegar when she was sixteen. Robert had then gone into battle and killed him to avenge his sister. Robert said that one thousand death would not be suitable for his crime against Lyanna. Robert also is saddened by Lyanna being in the dark cold crypt with the other Starks. He wants her to have been buried on top of a hill with a fruit tree growing over her. These comments made by Robert show that he is still greatly upset by the death of Lyanna and that he may never stop grieving her. He also wants to join together his son and Ned’s daughter to replicate what was supposed to have been between him and Lyanna.

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