Bran Stark and Jon Snow, Their Characters

Bran Stark is a seven-year-old who is the son of a lord. Bran is introduced on his way to his first execution. He is nervous about going, but he is also very excited. The reader can immediately see that Bran wants to be seen as mature and older than he is. He rides to the execution site on a pony, and he tries his hardest to sit up on his pony so that he appears as tall as his older brothers. Later on in the story, they are riding home from the execution, and Bran’s older brothers find a dead direwolf and her pups. Bran insists that he is old enough to care for and train a direwolf and begs his father to keep one. This is another instance where Bran shows that he is eager to grow up and be like his big brothers. Another example of Bran trying to be older than he is can be shown when he riding his pony back home. He tries his best to stay up towards the front of the group where his brothers and father are. 

Jon Snow is a fourteen-year-old who is the bastard son of the same lord. Jon is very mature and knowledgeable for his age. This can first be seen when he is at the execution with Bran. He tells Bran not to look away from the execution or else his father will know. This later proves to be true when his father talks to Bran about the execution and he makes note of how Bran did not look away. This is then demonstrated again when Jon and his brother, Robb Stark, find the direwolves. There are only enough pups for the legitimate children of the Lord, and Jon Snow recognizes this and tells the lord that he should allow his legitimate children to keep them. He then says that since he is not a Stark, all the pups should go to all the children and that he should be without one. This shows his maturity because he does not ask to keep one for himself. It takes a lot of maturity and courage to acknowledge that he is below his brothers and sisters due to his conception. 


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