Didric and Fletcher

At the beginning of the novice, there are two main characters introduced into the story in two very different ways. Fletcher the hunter that was hunting the young elk earlier in the book was introduced in a very mysterious and kind of cool way. The way he was introduced lead for me to envision him the way I did, he was introduced in a way that it automatically made him a tough and hard character that you don’t want to mess with. He was a hunter struggling to survive or pretty close to it, very smart and good at his job because of how he pays attention to the small details about the deer’s eyes. Now the other character was introduced so that you can already tell he is the stuck up rich kid that just drives the conflict in the story most of the time emotionally for the main character to not do anything about him being the bully in the story. I feel like the way the character is introduced has such a deep influence on the viewer’s opinion either positive or negative. For example, I relate or find more interest in characters that have it bad or struggle to do good cause it’s semi relatable to people I know so the story or the characters’ problems are more realistic. When Fletcher was introduced his struggle was put right in your face in the very beginning almost trying to get the reader to feel sympathy for Fletcher but also a positive vibe for him working so hard for what he has and getting over his struggles. Didric was introduced as the bully character or the main conflict driver and I automatically disliked Didric for his cruel punishment towards Fletcher simply because he is poor and is nothing but a peasant to him. Didric is the one that will take from the poor even though he has more than enough shillings which are the currency of the village, which is exactly what he does to fletcher. He uses a play on words to trick Fletcher on giving didric his elk head the most prized piece and still leaves him outside of the gate just to be snobby.

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