The Big Bad Wolf

Set around late 1900’s America, there was a Russian who goes by “the Wolf.” He had a meeting with the don of the Red Mafiya to unite them with the East Coast’s Palumbo family. The meeting was held in a Florence, Colorado supermax prison, in which a guard was bribed $75,000. The Wolf is reckless, hands-on, and involves himself in every operation, big or small. Just to prove the point he snapped a gangster’s neck who was in the room with him and the don. The next day Augustino of the East Coast’s Palumbo family, was found dead in his cell with every bone in his body, broken. This boldly stated that the Wolf was now the godfather. The Wolf would accept contracts in which women are bought and sold, his job being to abduct them and deliver them to crazy rich people who had a desire to fill their wild sexual fantasies. He is the antagonist. The protagonist is a newly recruited FBI agent, Alex Cross. He already had a reputation from being a street cop in Philadelphia with the nickname Dragonslayer. FBI director Ron Burns made many allowances for Alex such as being over the max entrance age of 37, training only lasting 8 weeks, higher starting rank, assignments as a consultant, which had a higher salary, and resources to get jobs done. His eventual goal; taking down the Wolf.

I chose this book because I have had it for years and never read it. The only reason I originally got it was because it said “Bad Wolf” in the title. At the time I was into Doctor Who (well still am) and “Bad Wolf” was a reoccurring word that kept appearing wherever the Doctor went.

I think the Wolf is pretty cool, in the way that he easily made his way into top tier criminal ladder. He makes a huge amount of money and had a large scale of skill sets. Obviously what he does is bad, but the world will always have Good and Bad. I think Alex is going to be an interesting character to see develop throughout the story. Going from ex-Philly street cop, to working in the FBI and going after one of the highest criminals out there is going to be rough.

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