Blog 14

I am currently reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I have been reading this for a couple months now and I actually really enjoy it to be genuinely honest. Some of the main highlights of the… Read More

Blog 13

In my opinion I think “Song of Myself” and in general this entire transcendentalists section has been very confusing. I especially think “Song of Myself” is confusing mainly because of the vocabulary and the framework of some of… Read More

Blog 12

(*Sigh*) I think this is the most confusing five pages of literature I have ever read, not gonna lie. I am not sure where I should even start. I understood the story line for about the first 4… Read More

Blog 11

To tell the truth I do not think that my opinion on debating has changed a whole lot from the section, but I actually kind of enjoyed the section and I am not lying. Before writing this blog… Read More

Blog 10- Let the boys drink

For the class debates the  topic that I received was lowering the drinking age to 18 and I was chosen to be a supporter of this. Lowering the drinking age is something that has been a hot topic… Read More

Blog 9

To be completely honest I think being on a long school break affected my results. I was looking over my results and they were the same virtues popping up again, while others stayed untouched. Some of the virtues… Read More

Blog 8

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was that I was confused. For me to really be involved in a poem I have to be able to picture the setting and just imagine the story progress, and for… Read More

Blog 7- Poetry

To be completely honest this section on poetry has made me realize that poetry was a lot more complicated than I thought before. Before this section I understood how some poems had rhymes and other did not, but… Read More

Blog 6

My story has changed a lot from when I first began thinking of an idea for when I was reading through the list of Six Word Short Stories. When I first decided on the option of “Reaching for… Read More

“The Da Vinci Code”- Imitation

I think the main story element that I can use from “The Da Vinci Code” in my short story is characterization. Characterization is important in a story is important because it make sure that the reader understand the… Read More

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