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I am currently reading “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I have been reading this for a couple months now and I actually really enjoy it to be genuinely honest. Some of the main highlights of the book include “Sauniere (a famous art critic) being killed, Professor Langdon being framed for his murder, and Langdon going on the run from police. One thing I do not like about the story is that each chapter bounces between the main character. So a chapter could end with a character about to complete an important task, but then the chapter would end on a cliff hanger and the next chapter would start with a different character. It is frustrating to read this way, but it is also smart from the author because it keeps me interested and on my toes. I enjoy my book, but I do not enjoy it enough to read it outside of our 15 minutes on Fridays. In my opinion Transcendentalism is very confusing. I understand the basics of it but I do not think I understand it fully. I know that Transcendentalist is based around the belief that we need to work and follow steps in order to become better individuals, but I get confused when we talk about nature and how that helps us become better people. And also the view transcendentalism has on religion confuses me. I am actually looking forward to watching the movie, and not because I just wanna have an easy class, but I usually like criticizing books, but I have not critiqued a movie before. Also, it seems like a decently interesting movie. Psychological thrillers are the type of movies that I would go to the movies to watch just because I kinda like being confused when watching movies. For example Inception is one of my favorite movies and that is a pretty good example of a psychological thriller. One of the things that I learned from my research is that Jimmy Stewart commonly worked with Alfred Hitchcock, but that his role in Vertigo was something different than any of Stewart’s previous roles.

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