Virtues Experiment

I think the virtues experiment will not be that bad because although I am far from morally perfect most of them are not hard to do. I feel order will be the hardest because I am never organized and I do not like having a schedule because evidently, I will never follow it. I would have to say the easiest would probably be silence because I do not talk often. If I do speak, it is usually to contribute and I like to joke around with people. Temperance I will absolutely break at Christmas because I love ham and food and then I eat dessert so I will definitely go into a food coma. I procrastinate with almost everything especially on break so I will break resolution and industry. As I went through the days I found that I was correct with my prediction. I for sure broke temperance on the 25th as I am sure almost everyone has because it is Christmas and that is one day along with Thanksgiving where you can pig out. Silence was easy because I did not talk very much I was mostly in my room and I do not like talking to my family that much. Order was by far one of my worst ones because I am almost never organized even when my family came over. After Christmas, it got worse because of all the clutter. Also, I never use a schedule because it just gives me anxiety which is weird because you would think it would make my life easier. Resolution was another bad virtue because I did not do the things I should have done on time and instead of waiting for the last minute even though I had plenty of time. Frugality did not work so well either beings I got money for Christmas and ended up spending it on industrial barbells and things for my room. Although I did spend some of the money on things for my parents and things they would love. Industry was the second one that was the worst because I did absolutely nothing over the break besides go to a job interview and I have not started the job yet. Other than that I did not use my time as I should have and do my project or homework. However, I thought it was a pretty good use of my break because I am very lazy. Wisdom I did not have to use because I didn’t come into contact with anything I had to use it for. Along with sincerity, I didn’t have anything to lie for and I rarely lie unless for a good reason which there are not many. Justice I also did not need to use because it was pretty much irrelevant besides people being caring for Christmas and doing good. Mercy was irrelevant as well because I did not need to forgive anyone which if I did I usually do just not right away. I am a clean person so I did not find cleanliness hard besides cleaning my room which I did end up doing because it did get too messy. Chasity was also not hard to follow as well as humility because I do not like bragging or thinking I am better than anyone. Last but not least Pride. It was not hard, I am very proud of myself all around just not with my procrastination and order but other than that I think I am fine.

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