Blog 9: Virtues Experiment

Looking at my week break, I had an extremely uneventful week. Even though my week was uneventful, I still had results that I didn’t exactly expect. The experiment itself was honestly everything that I thought it would have been, it really made me notice how much I break the rules that I set to strive for myself. For example, I knew that moderation would have a solid amount of markings due to the fact that I know in my life I fail to do things that are non-productive in moderation. Just as I expected, my moderation was filled up a decent amount every single day. Although it was not nearly as much as Coach Mcgarry expected, and quite honestly not as much as I thought it would’ve been, it was still a decent amount. To start, moderation was a very big surprise to me. I didn’t seem to violate it nearly as much as I anticipated. But thinking about it the main part I feel I violated this Virtue was eating habits most days this week. Taking a break from school caught my guard down a little this week and I found myself snacking often. The next virtue that surprised me a great bit was courage. I thought to go into my week break that there would not be too many occasions away from school that would violate courage, but looking back on my week now I was severely mistaken. The main part of me violating Courage was at my swim practices. There were times every single day where I would not go at the workout and I didn’t choose to attack it and work harder. The next virtue that didn’t surprise me one bit was cleanliness. I like to be clean and I shower often so going into a week knowing I wouldn’t be doing too much made me anticipate the fact that I wasn’t going to violate the Cleanliness Virtue all that much. The industry is something that I definitely don’t violate during my day to day school week nearly as much as I did this week, but due to the fact that I didn’t have school I found myself doing a few things that weren’t very productive to do, and the majority of the time it was just watching Netflix or watching TV in general. Lastly, Justice was a virtue that I violated a great amount this week, that is because during a break from school there is always a great number of opportunities to make decisions that are not always what they should be. To conclude, I had a relatively lazy week break from school and I think my chart shows that. I predicted some parts of my table perfectly, however some parts I got completely wrong and I was extremely shocked to see. Now knowing that I do these things more than I originally thought is not going to change the way that I live. After all, I am human, so I am going to make mistakes.

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