Blog 4: Setting

The setting is a very big part of The Maze Runner due to the fact that it basically decides what happens during the entire story. The glade that Thomas is dumped into at the start of the story is everything to the story. The glade is what Thomas and the rest of the teenagers he is with know as their new home. It is where they are forced to live, and where they can make an attempt to escape from. The glade makes up the maze that these kids live in and that is why the setting is extremely vital to this story.  Right away it is revealed to the reader that the glade is a place that every character was put into against their will. Nobody knows how they got to where they are or who they were before they were put there, everyone is just aware that they must work to make the situation of where they are better as best they can. The setting applies to the glade right from the start when Thomas is introduced to his new family. The author gives a detailed explanation of the setting, how it is dark and gloomy. The fact that there are long metal walls up as high as the eye can see, and as far as you can see as well. This may seem like something that would take Thomas a long time to get adjusted to, but he begins to fit in and interact with people he has just met right from the start of his time in the glade. In just over 3 days he begins to completely understand his environment and what his plans are. He also earns respect from many other members of the glade simply because of his natural knowledge and ability to pick up new things that would seem confusing to others. Because of this, Thomas is able to work his way up the ranks to become one of the most respected if not the most respected kid in the glade simply because he fits into the environment of the setting extremely well.

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