Blog 3: Humor

Humor is definitely not something that is used in The Maze Runner so far. Ever since the book started there is constant drama and serious conversations, and not much humor is involved at all. The book is just all Thomas being confused and learning things about the glade. There are very horrific things that have occurred so far actually. Thomas has to learn what people act like when they are stung by something that he doesn’t even know about yet. He sees what he is not even supposed to see which is a person dealing with the effects of a sting, he screams and is bleeding all over his body. One thing is for sure, The Maze Runner is not a very big comedy book, but I could possibly think of a few ways they could slip humor into the story. The only way to slip humor into The Maze Runner is humor through the conversation of the many glade teenagers. There are so many kids stuck in the glade but so far in the story, they have only discussed very serious topics. However, somewhere throughout the story, there will definitely be a time and place to add humor through conversations with the teenagers. They have hinted and shown that they are at least immature in some ways. A situation I can think of is all of the teenagers having a group meeting that they have often. During the meeting, Newt would be talking discussing what the daily plans everyone would be assigned and what everyone should be doing. This conversation could be interrupted multiple times by Thomas and many other people expressing how they are frustrated and disagree. It doesn’t have to be the funniest thing but just to add a little bit of humor to a book that is so focused on being so serious would be a good thing. The story was definitely written to be a thriller serious non-comedic book, but humor is in many movies or books that are scary or serious themed, it could be in The Maze Runner as well.

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