Blog 14: Read-entalism-tigo

The story that I am currently reading is The Maze Runner. Now I know I know you don’t need to remind me that I am such a slow reader, or that I have been neglecting to read the story altogether. But none the less, I have enjoyed the story I am reading and I am getting to the end now. I have been reading this book for a while now, but hey at least I’m going to finish it, that’s better than I normally do. The Maze Runner is a very good story that James Dashner must have had a very big imagination to think of.  I like the fact that the characters are kind of figuring out everything and ways to escape the maze when the reader is. But I also don’t like how the book can be unrealistic at times, it tries to make me think that it is a real-life story, but at the same time Thomas is able to read peoples thoughts and know what they are thinking, and he has no idea how he does it. So that’s pretty dumb, but that’s pretty much the only thing that I don’t like about the story. These Friday reading sessions that we have been having are helping me a lot. I mean considering the fact that I am too lazy to read on my own time at home half the time, I think they are something that I need. My takeaways from Transcendentalism are the same as they have always been. When we first learned about Song of Myself and Transcendentalism I was a lost cause. But as I  learned more and dissected the lines of the poem and understood Transcendentalism more, I now am caught up and understand it more. You never fail to give us the most unexpected material coach. But nonetheless, I’m glad I understand it now and I’m glad I’m not as confused as I first was. Lastly, I was not here yesterday, so I’m not sure about the film vertigo, but I look forward to getting caught up on it, it seems like something that is interesting.Image result for transcendentalism meme\

Blog 13

My initial reaction to the work of Song of Myself was confusion. There was so much that I didn’t comprehend at first, but in my defense, it is a pretty difficult story to read. I have to admit I was thinking to myself “What is this story’s purpose”? However, through our analysis of the story as a class, I went from being completely lost to actually understanding the story and its theme and everything that it means. My thoughts on the lines and sections that my group was assigned are that we lucked out. Honestly, I feel like what we have is relatively simple and easy enough to have an analysis on. I think that it is something that we are going to be able to do without much trouble at all as a matter of fact. In my opinion, lines in our section 17 that are the most important are line two when it claimes, “If they are not yours as much as mine they are nothing, or next to nothing.” I think that these lines are important because they seem to be the most relative and relateable lines for our day and age. Trust me, a lot of lines in our two sections have hidden meanings that don’t relate to anything in our current day and age in any way. At least that’s how I feel about it. So I just went to the girl’s basketball game and it was kind of lit. They caught the dub and we stormed the court. It kind of reminded me of this blog long and boring and no one that typed it was good at what they were doing. In a way that is similar to my point, eventually, I understood the meaning of this poem. I believe that these lines are important for these reasons, and in a way that signifies the entire outcome of the poem.

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Blog 12

In “Walden” both Emerson and Thoreau think that the world of nature is meant for people to prosper in. At the start of the story “Walden” it discusses a man traveling from place to place. He lives nowhere in particular and he takes land as he sees it. The story discusses how nature is something that is what people make of it. Also, Thoreau is taking from the world what is grown at farms on nearby land. The story discusses how he thought he is his own government and he controlled the land he lived in. Throughout the story he claims that the general idea of life is to be happy with ones self. Now I didnt understand too much when it comes to this story but one thing I did understand is he wants the reader to understand that he want them to live life they way that best suites them. If that means to live by yourself in the woods then hes all for it.

Blog 11: Argumentative Reflection

My thoughts about arguing have remained relatively the same throughout this unit. The fact that we argue every single day is a true statement, but in my opinion, there is a big difference between a minor argument and the arguments that we have been working on in class. Minor arguments are things that have no prior thought or planning, it is all from your instincts and it shows how you truly feel about something. It is in no way at all similar to the planning and research that we have done into the arguments we are presenting in class. Arguments are something that people can do a lot with and I feel like that is exactly what we did this Unit. In this unit, we took every way to break up an argument and make points that made it seem almost like a political debate. We argued about things that are issues in our current lives and we judged different ways that we made mistakes in our speech to the class. But to me, this is not the same as common arguments. I can confidently say that I argue way different in my day to day life then I did for my argument. It is probably the reason why I lose so many debates in my life. But at the end of the day, there is no real reason to put as much time and effort as I did for my research debate for minor arguments that do when I am talking about something simple like sports or recent news. Looking at this it makes me realize that adults that are typical citizens do not have a lot of real reasons and solid arguments when they argue with each other. This is something that I strive to change when I become an adult.

Blog 10: Why College should be free.

I have the pro side of why College should be free. My personal position on the topic is that I think to make some colleges free for less fortunate people and families is a good thing but to stoop to the level of making every college free for all even state colleges would raise a lot of taxes for the country that is already in debt and in my opinion, it would not be the best for America. Before I research I know that America is in great debt, but at the same time, there are many people who struggle to go to basic colleges at some points just due to the fact that they cannot afford it. Before I research I know that I feel as though prices of colleges should be dropped and small community colleges depending on their situation, should be free as well. Through further research, I learned that much of what I thought originally was far off in any way shape or form. I plan to address this topic the same way that I explained before, by stating simple facts about making State college free. It would raise a lot of taxes for the entire country. But likewise, it would create a better and more successful way for people to be educated which would help our country. So in my opinion, there needs to be a happy medium. There needs to be a way that our government finds out how they could allow people who aren’t fortunate enough to pay for college to be able to go. But at the same time, there needs to be a way to not completely take paying for college away and be able to keep taxes consistent and not raise it. After researching this topic it is clear to me that there is definitely a reason that college becoming cheaper and more opportunities to allow people to attend them has taken a while for sure, but there is a solid reason that this is the case.

Blog 9: Virtues Experiment

Looking at my week break, I had an extremely uneventful week. Even though my week was uneventful, I still had results that I didn’t exactly expect. The experiment itself was honestly everything that I thought it would have been, it really made me notice how much I break the rules that I set to strive for myself. For example, I knew that moderation would have a solid amount of markings due to the fact that I know in my life I fail to do things that are non-productive in moderation. Just as I expected, my moderation was filled up a decent amount every single day. Although it was not nearly as much as Coach Mcgarry expected, and quite honestly not as much as I thought it would’ve been, it was still a decent amount. To start, moderation was a very big surprise to me. I didn’t seem to violate it nearly as much as I anticipated. But thinking about it the main part I feel I violated this Virtue was eating habits most days this week. Taking a break from school caught my guard down a little this week and I found myself snacking often. The next virtue that surprised me a great bit was courage. I thought to go into my week break that there would not be too many occasions away from school that would violate courage, but looking back on my week now I was severely mistaken. The main part of me violating Courage was at my swim practices. There were times every single day where I would not go at the workout and I didn’t choose to attack it and work harder. The next virtue that didn’t surprise me one bit was cleanliness. I like to be clean and I shower often so going into a week knowing I wouldn’t be doing too much made me anticipate the fact that I wasn’t going to violate the Cleanliness Virtue all that much. The industry is something that I definitely don’t violate during my day to day school week nearly as much as I did this week, but due to the fact that I didn’t have school I found myself doing a few things that weren’t very productive to do, and the majority of the time it was just watching Netflix or watching TV in general. Lastly, Justice was a virtue that I violated a great amount this week, that is because during a break from school there is always a great number of opportunities to make decisions that are not always what they should be. To conclude, I had a relatively lazy week break from school and I think my chart shows that. I predicted some parts of my table perfectly, however some parts I got completely wrong and I was extremely shocked to see. Now knowing that I do these things more than I originally thought is not going to change the way that I live. After all, I am human, so I am going to make mistakes.

Blog 8: The End of Poetry

I have many impressions on “The Dodo’s Conundrum”, and it’s mainly mixed emotions. I definitely like poetry now more than I did in the past, but it’s still not nearly as much as he did in the past. Now that I understand that poetry isn’t just rhyming words together randomly and the effort that actually goes into poems, I respect it much more. That being said, I still dislike it the majority of the time. And this includes in the story, “The Dodo’s Conundrum”. I just find myself bored reading poetry, and that includes this story. I now understand the fact that the theme is extremely important and is what differentiates the good poems from the bad. The theme in a poem is what leaves the readers with a thought that lingers in their minds after they are finished reading the poem. If it is a good solid theme than most of the time the reader will like the story and vise Versa. The Sound and Sense questions in this story were the same difficulty as the ones in Eldarado, however, these sound and sense questions took me much longer than the ones before.  The writing in this poem helped me change the ways I read and analyze poems in many ways. I now understand the general idea of reading a poem and dissecting important notable factors from a story like a theme and many other factors.  Though all of this my general outlook at poetry is changed, it definitely still isn’t something I enjoy reading in my free time.

Blog 7: Poetry

Surprisingly, my overall outlook about poetry has changed much more than I thought it would have. I have grown to at least understand the general gist of poetry, and I now understand that it is not all about rhyme but more about telling a story for the readers to understand. This is mainly due to the fact that before, in middle school, the most I learned about poetry was the bare minimum. The only thing I was taught was the basics of poetry, however, now that I have taken a deeper lesson into what the purpose of what poetry really is, I finally understand everything that I need to know, and because of this, I enjoy it much more. The poems that I selected to research are a very good example of how I now understand poetry much more. The first poem that I decided to pick was “Dancing Towards Bethlehem” by Billy Collins. This is really important because before I took a deeper dive into understanding poetry I really would not have enjoyed this Poem. It would have seemed like a poor attempt to make rhymes for something that does not make a whole lot of sense. But now that I was able to completely dissect this poem and that I am able to fully understand everything, it is a brilliant poem. I now understand that poetry is much more than what people make it out to be.

Blog 6: Finishing my story

There is going to be a big difference between my first draft of my short story. The main thing that I am going to focus on adding is dialogue. I think that my story is close enough to be good, but it can be really good if I had characters in my story to communicate with each other more often. My initial story wasn’t too terrible, but there is definitely a lot of things that I can change about it to make it better. The best way that I plan to do this is just to read through the story and change things that I can see that seem to be boring or can use more detail. In my opinion, my story is a good rough draft, it fills all of the details required and tells a good short story that can be related to the six words I picked. The only thing that my story really needs is more detail about situations. There are many parts to my story that are very straight to the point and are not entertaining for the reader in any way shape or form. One big thing that I have to do is go through and just add details about things happening. Background effects, expressions, emotions, ECT. I feel that once I successfully do this my story will be exactly what it needs to be. I dislike the fact that I made my story one location the entire time, it made it very boring for the reader and very hard for me to figure out interesting things to write about and make entertaining. I often found myself blanking on where to take the story next and at times it was extremely difficult. However, I think that I made due and that the final draft is going to turn out to be something pretty solid.

Blog:5 The Maze Runner

One element that I take from the Maze Runner that I want to put into my short story is the overall tone of the story. One thing I am going to strive to do is to write a short story that the overall mood is dark and gloomy and the characters are in a bad spot the entire story. But at the same time, it is almost like a comedy because the characters are very happy and are making every situation funny throughout the story. I choose this element because I feel like mood is a really important part of a story. Mood is what gets the audience interested, without it a story wouldn’t be what it is. When people are leaving a movie theater or when people finish a book that thing that sticks in the back of their head when they look back at the story weeks later is the mood. That is why I am going to really focus to put it into my short story, and it will also be similar to the mood of The Maze Runner. This will help shape my story into a story just like The Maze Runner, so people will be concerned about the outcome of the story but at the same time they will be caught up in the comedy of the story. This will fit in perfectly because the story is based on a bad ending, but the ending will be funny to the reader due to the fact that the characters in my story from the start to the finish will be making comedy for the readers. And even tho the ending is not going to be a good one, the characters will still make it funny. So in a way, it is an ending that isn’t all too terrible.