Following Franklin’s motives why he proposed these virtues in the first place made it really difficult for me to abide by them and the personal ones that my group added. Over the course of the week, I didn’t pay much attention to strictly following the virtues but I did notice every time I broke the rules. On the account of Franklin’s reasons for these virtues, I observed that I can not be able to reach moral perfection because there is a saying that “no man is perfect”. I am not saying this because I believe is true but because everyone has their own definition of what it takes to reach perfection. Though it might be possible for some people to reach perfection but in my case, I couldn’t.
During my unintentional experiment, I managed to have control of some of the things I did and did make some corrections in it but still that couldn’t guarantee me reaching the point of perfection. To begin with, I was able to follow most of the virtues but temperance and order gave me the most trouble. For instance, I made a schedule to follow over the break but getting up in the morning as I scheduled was always difficult which made me end up doing things late and even to the point of procrastinating certain things which were needed to be done earlier. I also ate a lot of junk foods because I could see , smell and meet them everywhere I went. Even though my stomach begged for mercy because it could no longer digest them, my mouth kept on consuming it to the extent that I couldn’t do anything but just to sit for a while without doing anything productive.
As I was battling with temperance and order, cleanliness and obedience were easy for me to fulfill. In all, I would say I have come to realize that it does really take a lot of effort to reach moral perfection and truthfully in the past days of this experiment it wasn’t easy at all. Sometimes I had to just walk away or pretend to not have heard what was happening around me just because if I had responded or reacted to it I would have broken the virtues.

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