I didn’t have a lot of experience in poetry except for the ones I read in elementary school and those ones are no where near what we are learning now because I was not required to identify the parts but just to only learn how to read and they were extremely easy.The few ones that I was taught were really simple and easy to understand but the poems we are learning now in class is very confusing and I barely understand it.I do like the terminologies in poetry but when we are asked to identify them in poems, I suffer because poetry is not as blunt as a novel will be.
Our current poem “ELDORADO” is not a bad poem but I will say is not my favorite either.Even though is short and simple,I couldn’t understand it until we discussed it in class which gave me a tiny clue of what it was about.Whiles reading ELDORADO and based on the discussions in class,the poem at some point talked about hope and mystery at some other point.All these together makes it really hard for me to understand it.
Finally,poetry is not bad but is not my favorite because it confuses me and I have a hard time analyzing poetry.

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