BLOG 3:Humor (IR log 3)

In the book am currently reading,the author does not utilize any humor so far because the entire story is packed with adventure.If humor was introduced it would have been either comedy of ideas or manners which I would not find it funny based on the circumstances in which it would have been introduced.The author ,Margaret Peterson Haddix,can not make a character who finds out she was been lied to about her real identity of been a princess and had to struggle to save to her own and family’s life humorous.Another reason why the author did not insert humor so far is the fact that Desmia who now sits on the throne as the true princess is afraid Lord Throckmorton who took over the administration of the palace is finding a way to to end the lives of all the existing supposed princesses and their knights so that he can rule the land of Fridesia and Cortona which at some point puts her life at stake.Now Ella ,the princess of Fridesia disguises as a foreigner and enters the palace to help Desmia to reveal the truth behind Lord Throckmorton but fate brings Cecilia and Harper along their path and they offer to accomplish their goal with them.
The moment i think the author could have inserted humor was when Cecilia was on duty to spy on Lord Throckmorton .In page 201″I turn my head and try to peek through the chink in the stone,but i see nothing but the brown wood of a table or desk leg .Then a heavy black boot kicks against the wall ,covering over my chink.I react as though i have kicked in the eye .I press my head back against the hole in the wall.The boot has swung away again .Ah Lord Throckmorton’s desk is right beside the wall and he only happened to scrape his boot forward”At that moment, I think the author should have made Cecilia pinch Lord Throckmorton through the hole with a piece of needle so that he would scream and when he is asked what has happen to him he would not be able to explain because it will be a disgrace to tell your soldier you have been bitten by an insect which I presume he would have thought had bitten him because Cecilia was hiding in the secret tunnel only her,Harper,Desmia and Ella knew of.

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