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Characters of the palace of mirrors

Cecilia: The main character of the book.she leaves as just as another village girl but in real life she is a true princess who is in hiding until the murders of her parents are arrested.She is being cared for by her nanny and a knight from the palace called sir Stephen .Her village is attacked and she moves to the capital with her best friend to claim her rightful position.Upon arrival,she meets Desmia to whom she was told was the fake princess taking her place.Fortunately,unfortunately for her Desmia believes a complete different story and confines her and Harper for some couple of days in the secret room of the place.As she tries to figure out what is going on,Cecilia learns a great deal about herself and comes to appreciate that the real world can often be a complicated place.

Harper:He is the best friend of Cecilia.he lives with his mom because he lost his father when he was a kid in the war.Due to this,his mom refuses for him to become a soldier but rather makes him play the harp everyday with the hopes of becoming a music one day .His mom believes so because she always use to tell him a musician is never sent out to war and will also make excuses as i will not lose you as i lost your father.When he comes to know Cecilia’s supposed identity,he convinces Cecilia to go to the city when she was sent to hide in a different village due to the attack on their hide out.He believed when she claims her rightful position on the throne,she will be able to help him get into the military and become the soldier he has always wanted to become.



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