Palace of Mirrors

I went to the library with my host mom after arriving in the USA and i decided to pick a book to read so i chose the palace of mirrors after reading the summary at the back and it reminded me of a movie i onced watched THE TRUE PRINCESS.The story is generally about the life of a young girl who knows that she is not just another peasant girl in her community but the princess of a recognised community who is in hiding because her life is at stake since she is the only heir to her parents throne.And in the quest to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her she discovers some secrets of her own parents and community.The book was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

It all began in a community where Cecilia lived with a nanny and sir stephen in the outskirts of the community.Somewhere in the world I have a tiara in a little box.It is not safe for me to wear,it is not safe for me to know where it is and not safe for me to tell people who I really am that says her nanny.Cecilia’s best friend Harper on the other hand wants to be a soldier but since his father was killed while protecting the royal family,his Mam refuses and forces him to play the harp.Desmia who lived in the palace is also taught to believe that she is the princess.Who with her power wishes to end the war between the Sualan,her people and their rival community the Fridesia.But it was told the late king had only one daughter who no one saw .Then if this is so then who is the true princess?

Cecilia and her nanny were attacked and they had to live the community to somewhere no one would find them.But Cecilia will not leave without telling her best friend about her secret so the before they would leave,she tells harper about her supposed real identity and they both decide to run away.Harper thought this will be chance to flew from captive of his Mam and become the soldier he has always dreamt of.Cecilia and Harper make their way to the capital to reclaim her right as the true princess and to live in the palace of mirrors.When they got there ,they discover that princess Desmia believes an entirely different version of the story.Who is the princess?no one knows yet.will nanny find Cecilia and Harper?

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