Some elements that I can imitate from the book am reading “Palace of mirrors” to incorporate into my short story will be how the author revealed the characters aside the settings.And also the conflicts in the story will play a major role in my short story.
In the book am reading,the author described Cecilia as a peasant girl living in an unrecognized village.This shows that they are poor similarly in my upcoming story too,It talks about how a small boy called Chai and his siblings had to suffer when they went to live with their uncle after the death of their parents and the obstacles the siblings had to overcome in other to save their little brother’s life after the encounter at the field of play.Also the conflict between the sualam’s and the ferdesia’s on who is the most powerful community in the story will be featured in my short story.
The complicating factor in my short story will be when the three siblings decided to buy a remote control car for Chai on his birthday which is also similar to the book am reading where Cecilia flew to the city to claim her right on the throne.There she finds out that Desmia believes she is also the true princess and she has been told to be aware of imposters like Cecilia who will come and claim they are the true princess.Similarly in my short story, after the siblings had bought the car for Chai, he insisted they go out to play with it.So they joined a racing competition in their neighborhood.During the race,a boy pushed Chai so he lost control of his car and the car clashed.He went to pick the pieces of the car crying and out of anger stepped on the boy’s car to destroy it.This resulted into a misunderstanding and as Chai and his siblings ran away because the couldn’t face the boy and his friend’s ,he got a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.


The settings of a story is an essential aspect of the story.In the book am currently reading “the palace of mirrors”,the settings is in two distinct places but most of the settings is in the outskirts of the city of Cortona .The name of the village was not mentioned because it was said no one could locate the village on the map.Meaning the story took place in a quiet community.The author Margaret Haddix uses the settings to reveal characters physically and economically by describing the village as unrecognized and the its inhabitants as to be peasant people who only survived by farming and rearing of animals.The settings also depicted the financial status of the members of the village as been poor and uneducated.With the settings,the author believes is a safe place for Cecilia to hide because no one would ever suspect a princess would live there since the village is deprived of many resources and seem kind of dejected.
The characters are influenced by the settings in the manner that everyone in Cecilia’s village are friends with each other and know their in’s and out’s of their daily life that they wouldn’t believe the fact that a girl who has spend most of her childhood and adolescence with them will become the princess of a well known community over the nights and for this reason the author believed she could be protected in that community.Also,based on the village Cecilia and Harper lived in,they behaved strangely the first time they entered the city of Cortona which had a lot of buildings and people. This made the people around them to be able to tell that they were new there and easily guessed where they came from.The appearance also differed from that of the people of Cortona.

BLOG 3:Humor (IR log 3)


In the book am currently reading,the author does not utilize any humor so far because the entire story is packed with adventure.If humor was introduced it would have been either comedy of ideas or manners which I would not find it funny based on the circumstances in which it would have been introduced.The author ,Margaret Peterson Haddix,can not make a character who finds out she was been lied to about her real identity of been a princess and had to struggle to save to her own and family’s life humorous.Another reason why the author did not insert humor so far is the fact that Desmia who now sits on the throne as the true princess is afraid Lord Throckmorton who took over the administration of the palace is finding a way to to end the lives of all the existing supposed princesses and their knights so that he can rule the land of Fridesia and Cortona which at some point puts her life at stake.Now Ella ,the princess of Fridesia disguises as a foreigner and enters the palace to help Desmia to reveal the truth behind Lord Throckmorton but fate brings Cecilia and Harper along their path and they offer to accomplish their goal with them.
The moment i think the author could have inserted humor was when Cecilia was on duty to spy on Lord Throckmorton .In page 201″I turn my head and try to peek through the chink in the stone,but i see nothing but the brown wood of a table or desk leg .Then a heavy black boot kicks against the wall ,covering over my chink.I react as though i have kicked in the eye .I press my head back against the hole in the wall.The boot has swung away again .Ah Lord Throckmorton’s desk is right beside the wall and he only happened to scrape his boot forward”At that moment, I think the author should have made Cecilia pinch Lord Throckmorton through the hole with a piece of needle so that he would scream and when he is asked what has happen to him he would not be able to explain because it will be a disgrace to tell your soldier you have been bitten by an insect which I presume he would have thought had bitten him because Cecilia was hiding in the secret tunnel only her,Harper,Desmia and Ella knew of.

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Characters of the palace of mirrors

Cecilia: The main character of the book.she leaves as just as another village girl but in real life she is a true princess who is in hiding until the murders of her parents are arrested.She is being cared for by her nanny and a knight from the palace called sir Stephen .Her village is attacked and she moves to the capital with her best friend to claim her rightful position.Upon arrival,she meets Desmia to whom she was told was the fake princess taking her place.Fortunately,unfortunately for her Desmia believes a complete different story and confines her and Harper for some couple of days in the secret room of the place.As she tries to figure out what is going on,Cecilia learns a great deal about herself and comes to appreciate that the real world can often be a complicated place.

Harper:He is the best friend of Cecilia.he lives with his mom because he lost his father when he was a kid in the war.Due to this,his mom refuses for him to become a soldier but rather makes him play the harp everyday with the hopes of becoming a music one day .His mom believes so because she always use to tell him a musician is never sent out to war and will also make excuses as i will not lose you as i lost your father.When he comes to know Cecilia’s supposed identity,he convinces Cecilia to go to the city when she was sent to hide in a different village due to the attack on their hide out.He believed when she claims her rightful position on the throne,she will be able to help him get into the military and become the soldier he has always wanted to become.



Palace of Mirrors


I went to the library with my host mom after arriving in the USA and i decided to pick a book to read so i chose the palace of mirrors after reading the summary at the back and it reminded me of a movie i onced watched THE TRUE PRINCESS.The story is generally about the life of a young girl who knows that she is not just another peasant girl in her community but the princess of a recognised community who is in hiding because her life is at stake since she is the only heir to her parents throne.And in the quest to reclaim what rightfully belongs to her she discovers some secrets of her own parents and community.The book was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

It all began in a community where Cecilia lived with a nanny and sir stephen in the outskirts of the community.Somewhere in the world I have a tiara in a little box.It is not safe for me to wear,it is not safe for me to know where it is and not safe for me to tell people who I really am that says her nanny.Cecilia’s best friend Harper on the other hand wants to be a soldier but since his father was killed while protecting the royal family,his Mam refuses and forces him to play the harp.Desmia who lived in the palace is also taught to believe that she is the princess.Who with her power wishes to end the war between the Sualan,her people and their rival community the Fridesia.But it was told the late king had only one daughter who no one saw .Then if this is so then who is the true princess?

Cecilia and her nanny were attacked and they had to live the community to somewhere no one would find them.But Cecilia will not leave without telling her best friend about her secret so the before they would leave,she tells harper about her supposed real identity and they both decide to run away.Harper thought this will be chance to flew from captive of his Mam and become the soldier he has always dreamt of.Cecilia and Harper make their way to the capital to reclaim her right as the true princess and to live in the palace of mirrors.When they got there ,they discover that princess Desmia believes an entirely different version of the story.Who is the princess?no one knows yet.will nanny find Cecilia and Harper?