Virtue experiment!

While attempting this experiment I had gotten sick on Christmas for a week afterwards and began to give up on the experiment while sick because I just laid down all day trying to breathe. At the beginning of the virtues experiment I had started with the mindset of just seeing how I can do without trying, just to see the progress of how I am normally than furthered into the break with the mindset of actually wanting to try and see how I could do. I found out very quickly that the virtue of temperance is not hard for me at all because I don’t eat a crazy amount of food or drink so that one was personally my easiest. The virtue of moderation was also fairly easy due to the fact that I have already had set boundaries and have set certain limits with myself that I pay attention to daily. Cleanliness and tranquility were easy as heck because I shower normally and stay clean and for tranquility there wasn’t really anything that I had to worry or stress about much of. Self awareness and loyalty killed me though in this experiment because I don’t really care about myself too much and I wasn’t the most loyal to this experiment because I knew I didn’t care about myself enough to care about the outcome it would have for me. The virtue humility surprised me because I thought at some point it would be an up and down slope but I realized that I don’t think highly about myself at all, I know I’m not hot shit. Charity had an up and down aspect because I had given my friend a lot of my stuff because I knew she liked my clothes more than me and than on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I had been giving gifts to my family and friends. I have no clue how anyone would do good with resolution just because even when I did set goals like working out or trying to do something healthy I’d just think “oh, next year.” Order was very up and down because I am very organized in some aspects but very unorganized in other aspects, for example the days my order doesn’t have a cross on it were the days I had cleaned and reorganized my room and than also attempted to have a schedule which worked some days. Silence was perfect after we got out of school because once I get home it’s headphones and bedroom without talking to anyone until school starts up again and miss my friends. Frugality was a hard one trying not to waste time just because I feel like I couldn’t tell if relaxing to lie down was wasting time because I knew I could’ve been doing something proactive but I needed to relax so that one was a bit confusing in some aspects but I still failed I’m not wasting time. This experiment was fun to try out but I would never have personally done it without it being for a class.

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