Debate Topic – Pro Paying For School Sports

For the class debate the topic I received was paying to play in school sports. My assigned position for the debate is the pro side of having to pay to play in a school sport but I personally stand on the opposite end due to thinking it’s unfair for students with less money but good athletic abilities. Before doing any research I already have the knowledge that some schools in some areas have their athletes pay to play but some parents being upset because than their kids aren’t at a high enough skill level. On the pro side of paying to play there is the thought of the players not having to do so many fundraisers just to make ends meet for their new jersey’s, a new coach or even getting a new turf field for their school. In a basic google search for paying to play in school sports it pops up with a lot of angry mom articles that are kind of funny to read but also some websites that go into the logistics of why it would be beneficial and why it wouldn’t be beneficial. I plan to stay calm while I’m explaining my side of why students who want to play school sports should pay to play but I’m also going to be very explainable about it so that no one gets lost and so that my point is made clear to everyone. There is a huge issue for students who are having problems even going to school and being able to pay for their lunch to put on top of it now having to pay for a sport they love to play and enjoy the people who are in that sport with them. For private schools is would be easier for them to make their players pay for the sports they want to play because they are already paying to be in private school but for public schools they have students from whatever life style they have in that area from middle class to kind of rich to barely getting here. I shouldn’t bring any emotions because I need to stay focused and be straight forward if I bring any emotions regarding getting angry it could seem like the schools are just wanting more money but if I bring my calm self there won’t be any problems.

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Virtue experiment!

While attempting this experiment I had gotten sick on Christmas for a week afterwards and began to give up on the experiment while sick because I just laid down all day trying to breathe. At the beginning of the virtues experiment I had started with the mindset of just seeing how I can do without trying, just to see the progress of how I am normally than furthered into the break with the mindset of actually wanting to try and see how I could do. I found out very quickly that the virtue of temperance is not hard for me at all because I don’t eat a crazy amount of food or drink so that one was personally my easiest. The virtue of moderation was also fairly easy due to the fact that I have already had set boundaries and have set certain limits with myself that I pay attention to daily. Cleanliness and tranquility were easy as heck because I shower normally and stay clean and for tranquility there wasn’t really anything that I had to worry or stress about much of. Self awareness and loyalty killed me though in this experiment because I don’t really care about myself too much and I wasn’t the most loyal to this experiment because I knew I didn’t care about myself enough to care about the outcome it would have for me. The virtue humility surprised me because I thought at some point it would be an up and down slope but I realized that I don’t think highly about myself at all, I know I’m not hot shit. Charity had an up and down aspect because I had given my friend a lot of my stuff because I knew she liked my clothes more than me and than on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I had been giving gifts to my family and friends. I have no clue how anyone would do good with resolution just because even when I did set goals like working out or trying to do something healthy I’d just think “oh, next year.” Order was very up and down because I am very organized in some aspects but very unorganized in other aspects, for example the days my order doesn’t have a cross on it were the days I had cleaned and reorganized my room and than also attempted to have a schedule which worked some days. Silence was perfect after we got out of school because once I get home it’s headphones and bedroom without talking to anyone until school starts up again and miss my friends. Frugality was a hard one trying not to waste time just because I feel like I couldn’t tell if relaxing to lie down was wasting time because I knew I could’ve been doing something proactive but I needed to relax so that one was a bit confusing in some aspects but I still failed I’m not wasting time. This experiment was fun to try out but I would never have personally done it without it being for a class.

We All Have A Safe Place

Everyone has a safe place maybe it’s your room or your phone that you carry around all day well mine is music. I know I know it sounds cliche but it’s true every rough time I’ve been in I was able to lock myself out of the world and able to enter a new one I called safe. Safe held many things but I always noticed the way to get there was with my music if I had a good day and just threw on my headphones the scenery would change to a meadow, if I had a bad day I noticed that there were guns and knifes not a fun place to be, if someone ruined my day I noticed that I couldn’t see anything except for the one I trusted most and I’d sit there all day crying and talking to them.

Yes, I understand that I can’t stay in these places forever so when I am in the real world and can’t close my eyes to the sound of music in my ears I carry it around. It might sound stupid but it works. I have went threw a time where my sister would go out with her friends and pretend I didn’t know what was going on. I knew, the whole time she was gone I would stay up till she came home with the music loud in my room happy song of meadows, I hoped so much. Every night she came home as high as a kite. I tried to talk to her but every day she gets further and further away from the light. I can’t always live in the dream world where nothing bad happens because that is not real so the days I live without my headphones are the days I feel horrible. To understand what I mean if you are lost here is the song In The End it’s a beautiful piano piece and it shows so much meaning you can try to decipher it but you probably wont get anywhere but your own opinion.

When I need ti buy some time I turn on my music because naturally if you turn on music and see how much time you have till the end you can speed up the real time and slow down the actual time you’re fighting against. On my ways to school when I have limited time to get to school and it seems like I’ll be late I turn on my music to focus on it and then by the end of the song I’m somehow already there. Right now I’ve been addicted to Heathers The Musical songs if you don’t know what I am talking about lets go back to being Seventeen from there you can listen to as much of it as you wish. Well this is starting to sound like a rant so I’ll leave bye bye~!

I’m Just Your Problem…

I’ve made many mistakes with this one person that doesn’t like to let anything go, in the song I’m Just Your Problem it gives the story of Marceline and her struggles with Princess Bubblegum. I sound like such a kid but that’s okay. In the show Adventure Time they circle around each other like dogs and cats, Bubblegum stays away from Marceline but no matter what they still circle paths because of Finn. During their time trying to open the Door Lords door they fight and Marceline starts singing for the door to open but Bubblegum stops her due to the kind of music she sings.

The beginning of the song is Marceline is just picking at Bubblegum saying she’ll eat her up. After Bubblegum yells at Marceline she starts to make a new song and it strings out to tell Bubblegum she isn’t perfect and Marceline wont treat her like a goddess as everyone else does. Unlike Bubblegum Marceline lives alone in a cave with her past and music to cover up her loneliness. Marceline seems to be Just Bubblegum’s Problem and doesn’t know how to fix it since Bubblegum doesn’t help her fix their problems. If you don’t know Adventure Time go and watch it cause its awesome. In the end Marceline gets flustered and doesnt end the song because she has no lyrics. That’s all bye bye~!

This Mix Tape Goes To All Of Those That Didn’t Believe In Me


Okie so i just made a playlist for yall so you didnt have to click on each on every time or you can if you want but i made this for ya just in case The Playlist

This first song goes to that friend we all have, she doesnt care about you she just wants to be the Gossip Girl. They always want to get close to you but you know they never stay for long-IF you dont have juice. Keep your secrets coming and they will stay…leave the secrets to yourself (where they should be and STAY) then they will leave and find a new victim to steal from. I will keep this girls name just because she doesnt know that she is like this or she does and shes just trying to hide it. No matter what you do weve all had that one friend that has used us for whatever they wanted and they got it!

Second song is the song I only could dream was made for me, because I Don’t Know My Name.  And we all have had the long term moment when we DIDNT know our names we just wanted to be big something new, we all wanted everyone to love us and thats not good because you can never satisfy others without satisfying yourself. Might sound wierd but its true, don’t change yourself for others be YOU be whoever you want to be. If it turns out you try to be who you want and it just doesnt work our much give it time im sure youll say “I now know my name…” and it will be a great feeling.

Heh…I know not everyone can relate to this song like some but it has true meaning to me…I tend to be called a Freak Show due to how weird i am and how obsessed i was with wanting to be like everyone else. It turned out that I was addicted to the feeling of it all and I LOVED how it felt to make up my own story without it all happening. Oh you think I made myself a good story? Wrong, I wanted to be the girl with such a tragic past that others would not want to hear so they could feel grateful for what they have or had. No one knows what they have till they finally lose it…trust me…those girls you were talking to that were crying over some stupid crap you probably didnt believe but felt bad saying it well it most likely wasnt real they just wanted attention. You know that girl that walks in the hallways has friends but never truly tells her story and seems like a freak? yeah well shes at home in her bedroom trying to think about the perfect way to die. Think thats a bad thing? No because we have all wanted to die due to people pushing our limits driving us insane. Sorry I’m rambling…

Okay to the next one, the song that had me wanting to get out there be with the person I wanted to be with so bad but i ruined my chance so much…that he probably doesnt even Remember When We sat around and had fun…all those times are gone. It doesnt matter much every girl-heck every guy has had that one person who has just treated the the right way the way they wanted and it drove them insane for when they were gone. Reality is they arent coming back they found someone that they think is better- oh yeah and that person is probably your best friend. Dont worry when he or she leaves them they wont remember when they had fun it will all be a big blur.

Okay Okay I get it youre starting to feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Well this song might just be for your! Living a Life Afraid isnt a good idea and you might want to find a way on how to get out there. We all know you are a beautiful human and you have a lot going on but as all humans we all want to have fun and get out there right? Right! Well I used to look in the mirror and just think “Another day gonna be wasted…” because I believed that every day was just another gone, I wanted to get out there. This kinda gets into my dream…kinda…Well my dream is to grow up to be a singer and I have a bit of stage fright so its kinda a struggle…seeing as i thought each day was a waste of time I would never be able to get there…so I had to pick myself up and no one else was helping.

I have a weird family, my father basically used my sister as his Crutch and is already starting to use me as his. Funny thing for him is i refuse to stay in that house for my life I will leave once i can and live for myself. Weather im using people as a crutch i dont know. Taylor broke thats why he stopped using her fully, but he somehow learned how to use her broken pieces for his problem. A thing is no matter what I refuse to break under him, I stand up and stay standing sometimes even higher. Nothing he or my mom could do could break me.

Aight, this has gotten to be kinda sad i bet your thinking, well lets leave that and go to my Fantasy its more fun there. This song to me acts as the one person that can clear my mind and make it whole, that person is the one I trust the most hes always got a way to smile on the rainy days. No matter what we always find a way to laugh things out. This person is confusing though, he sometimes confuses me but always says in the end “Im not hard to understand,” If im having problems understanding you then you arent to easy. This is the boy I like and at the current moment he has a name! Oh you wanna know it? Too bad we only can act the way we want away from everyone in a hidden island we call home. I dont know what i would do if my fantasy was taken from me, no one would. Saying that if he somehow finds this I love ya 😀

Okay come sit down everyone, we will talk about all those secrets we all keep, you know The Haunting heh…yep we are going there. This one is for my ex i could never get over. He tore me apart he RUINED ME!!!! But slowly he will realize no one shall have what we had. Unless he goes into the world and somehow finds that perfect girl, pretty hard. This boy he got a thirst for blood so warning for all those girls out there BE CAREFUL!!! He will tear you apart and you will still wonder what would happen if you were both still together. Truth be told NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU LIKE I DID!!!! Keep that in mind we did do horrible things but all for a purpose and you would never know. Go try and find something better.

I know this is long but its all for reason, be careful to over look me anyday i could become Royalty without you and then the tables will change. Correct? Well ill do anything for him we will be royalty together, maybe not that way youd think but we are already royalty in each others eyes. He controls the thrown and the king and i control the kingdom as the queen, forever we rule together. See we have a plan,no matter if we have to beg or steal we got this. If we had the money we would take over the country and rule it as royalty. One day…youll see…we’ll be royalty…

You know…sometimes we all have that moment of IDFC and hopefully you know what i mean when i say that…I just need to know that he loves me…I need to know what we have is real and not…a lie? I have feelings for him but can he see it? Yes he can and he has me wrapped around his finger, Im only a fool for him.

Okie well this song is a bit…uh…yeah…its about something that has happened in my life though many times. Ive been used by boys many times for my body and not personality, all the boys hate my Puppy Dog Eyes but I can never say no to their puppy dog eyes. I get myself attactched to people way to easily and they know how to rule my world. Thats not their fault though its mine for not keeping my guard up around everyone and i need to do that again. I have noticed it with most my ex boyfriends where every single one has had no connection to me but has had a connection with my body, its not hard to find out. Sorry to say this but Im going to point out the one person it showed he most from and opened my eyes to it and that is a person that goes by the name Coleton. You know him? Good then heres his story! He had me heartstruck thinking that we would last thinking that he actually CARED for me but i was a fool because close to the end of our relationship he had asked for…stuff? Yeah you all know what Im alking about because I know he bragged about it to a lot of people. Think I’m stupid? Thats fine if you do but girls need to be warned of him because he will not admit what he has done and that its wrong.

Ive had many breakups many heartbreaks but they all made me Wiser. Though they did leave marks to me only I can see Ive grown from them and you can see how different i am compared to how i was back then. They did make my life a pain but they made me wiser from it, stronger even. Its gotten to the point where Ive completely recovered and I want to say thanks to everyone that has broken me and tore me down thinking it broke me but i have my own army and its strong…its a one man army though… The song tells more then i could say in this so yeah XD

This song is very forward to what I’m trying to say, I’ve been in many relationships that were just Ancient History to the both of us. The guys that stay for 2 weeks saying they love you. The ones that kiss you on both cheeks for the sake of their sanity. The people that get with you just so they can brag about whatever they have gotten. WELL THATS IT IM DONE!!!! I’m not about to waste my time on a boy that will mean nothing, but just one more in my head i keep saying “They really mean they love me its not a lie” I was right it wasnt a lie it was a small relationship to hold both of us off for a bit so we wouldnt be lonely.

Anyone else want to be Forever Stuck In Our Youth cause I sure do. We all live those moments in our life where we just never want to leave them and thats my case. Im young, Im dumb and I dont care. This song mostly just says that I never want to grow up and I forever will be a child no matter what. Yeah sorry but thats the most I can say about that song its pretty forward in the lyrics.

Everyone has an evil side its just our nature, well this song is mostly toward my evil side. I cannot control it so listen to Duality to hear what I’m trying to say. This side of me I just cannot contain it always finds a way to escape. I will never stop there is no way for me to explain why I am who I am its just me. Sorry for being insane this should be your warning.

Sooooo this ones a bit….uh…well its by mcr that should explain everything. Sorry if this is innapropriate but this song is kinda my way of saying we are not safe either way we die we go to hell we are never safe. Uh…I probably shouldnt go on very much with this song if you want to listen to it the name is Mama.

Yeah this is really long so ill finish it up with this song. Okay Lan-person! I have something to ask of you…Please Dont Say You Love Me. Yep that was a sucky way to bring the song smoothly into the piece but meh whatever lets move on. I truly do love you…but I am too scared to say it back so please do not force me to say it. I want to say it when it will truly mean everything, because you mean the world to me and I do not want to lose you. Ive been a fool before and I mustnt mess up again…I cannot mess up again. Yes I purposely said your name half kinda because everyone knows I dont understand why you continue to hide “us” people see us walk all the time but you still do not want to be seen with me. Until we can at least be near each other without you being cautious do not say you love me because I will not know if it is true or not. Please.

I am a Killer we all are on the inside. Yeah that one sucked…Im trying to fit the song names into this and it just isnt working. In this song when I listen to it I’m thinking like “Stay away from me I’m a killer youll get hurt” I also get the vibe of this song is for made after a fight like “Run away Run away” because I have won the fight this is my spot now. Sorry theres not too much for this song.

Err…This one is obviously for my love life (but honestly all these songs are for my love life in a way). I love the Shape Of You. What I’m saying is I want him to play the game the way that I want real nice…this song sound sexual…ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO!!!! Well actually it kinda is. I’m not known to be a good girl so this song makes a lot of sense if you try to understand it. Actually this song to me is very sexual even though thats not what I’m trying to say. I want to be his girl and I can only hope he loves the shape of me.

Okay thats it for now sorry its so long the list is truly short i promise you its just EXPLINATIONS!!!! Im not joking they are all explinations the song count is 18…I think… So yeah I hope you all liked it PEACE OUT!!!!! 🙂

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People compared to it by Late Night Reading

I have always loved to listen to Pumped Up Kicks, probably because it was the first song I heard. That’s beside the point. Anyhow, I listened to Foster The People (the original artist) play and sing it but I didn’t know someone else had a cover on it (the first link is by Foster the people the original artists). The other band with another cover on it is the band Late Night Reading and they are very good I listened to a couple of their songs maybe you could go check them out yourself (the song by LNR is the second link for you to go check out). Correct me if I’m wrong but many bands have made covers off of this song. There are similarities and differences in these songs but you can hear they are the same song almost.

First the similarities, this song has many similarities from both bands playing it, the lyrics at the beginning from verse one to verse three, once they get to the third part and only that part the beat for the lyrics are the same. Another similarity is that both songs are the same at the part in between verse five and six when they sing nah nah nah like in many other songs.

A difference is that although the songs are the same the beat is very different threw out the music. These two bands are very good but listening to them side to side (music pun) hearing that same song you can hear like every band the artists have different feelings in the music and so do the guitarists and drummers. For example he original artists Foster the kids have more feelings for the song because they created it and they keep the beat smoother, while Late Night Reading likes to play around with the beat and they like to kick up the sound.

If you would like to listen to both of the songs here they are and I’d love to hear your opinions on the music! The first one is by the original artists Foster The People and the second one is the remix by Late Night Reading. In my opinion I love both of them they both have a great beat and sound amazing to me but you should try them out. I feel like this can’t be over without a fun ending so starting now peace out and sing on! *winky face*

Howdy Humans!

I’m Yuna Yukki, my blog will be about my music. Since no one knows me I guess I should give you a brief preview on why I’m into music the way I am and a background on me.


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When I was a kid, I remember standing in front of my family on holidays singing with my younger cousin, I’d be the singer and he would be the guitarist somewhat helping. The first song i can remember listening to is a song my family listened to every time we went to Myrtle Beach, it was Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. It was my favorite song and i would listen to it on replay, matter of fact, I still do. I used to love singing, I was in chorus and sung with everyone as my friends, than one day everything crumbled down and I realized what was going on, I wasn’t a good singer nor did my singing and my cousins make my family happy. I gave up music. I still sing, just on my own time, alone and away from everyone. I only practiced playing 4 instruments and forget hot to play two of them, my favorite the flute which i gave up on due to the lack of me liking the class and the teacher, I than went to trumpet and gave up on that as well because it just didn’t suit me and seemed to easy, right now I’m working on acoustic guitar and piano. Once I had joined music class I started to see the world the way I used to, all the wonderful colors came back and I got the desire to sing and dance and play instruments like I used to but I can’t, I’m to late to join chorus. All I know is music is a big part in my life, from calming me down to avoiding my troubles to making a day go better and more upbeat. My favorite song right now is Alarm by Anne Marie because it makes my day go faster and makes me want to try harder. I love how when i was little my mom made notes that’s said I loved rap and could sing along with every single lyric as fast as they could, now I can’t even remember the lyrics right to sing them slowly.


My dream for my future is to be a singer with many top hits and albums hanging on my wall cased in frames. I want to be able to show everyone I have it and I can make it threw life to end up doing what I want what I love that’s my purpose in my life. Well that’s enough for now, see y’all later and have a great playlist playing!