Franklin’s virtues experiment

My blog for this got deleted so I just realized that it was never turned in so here we go again. The week before break we did an experiment on which Virtues we broke throughout the days. the first couple days I did OK and I didn’t break any virtues like chastity or anything like that. as I went on throughout the week I went to a friends house and hanged out with the boys and we didn’t do anything illegal or anything we where just hanging out. Silence is one I think I excel at and I usually know when to talk and when not to talk I have pretty good control over that. Sincerity is one I think I could work on but I usually is towards my friends and they know when I make fun of them it is a joke and they do it back to me and that is just how our friendship or relationship is.  Cleanliness is one I did not do good in since my room is a complete mess and I was and have been told to clean it multiple times. I probably won’t clean it but at least I know what virtue I have to work on and the first step into getting rid of a problem is admitting it right. Order is another one I struggled in for many reasons I do not want to talk about or give specifics but being stressed and feeling out of control is something I always struggle with especially this week.  Like for example this blog I have been forgetting to do it and probably have other assignments I should be doing and keeping up with so my grades are where I want them to be. Moderation is another I don’t think I did well with because of overthinking and putting myself in stressful situations. Noticed I have been stressed lately and that is probably why I am breaking some of these virtues and should work on them more. Last, Tranquility is a virtue I did have problems with. I had problems with Tranquility because of stress to and I do not feel at peace. That is how the experiment went for me that week and what virtues I excelled in and which ones I did not do to good with.

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