Dodos Conundrum

My first impression of a dodos conundrum was completely off the actual theme. I have no idea what I was thinking at first an Mr.Mcgarry probably thought I was insane or something. My first idea of the theme for the Dodos conundrum was that this guy was on the run from the police an that he is on a train looking at nature. Looking at things like pine trees and hearing sirens from the police that a represented by mermaids but I was completely off what it actually was. What Mr. McGarry said it was, was that this man is making a model of what he thinks to be a perfect world. Now what he thinks to be a perfect world is not what another person may think. Then we did questions for this one poem called sound an sense. We also did this for another poem we read called Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe. I think the sound sense questions in the new poem is a lot more difficult to answer then Eldorado. First, because I could not even figure out the theme for the longest time for the Dodo’s Conundrum. Also, we went over the theme for Eldorado. Some of the questions were easier to answer for each poem don’t get me wrong, but that is just how I feel. We also wrote two poems by ourselves. My first poem was not really good an it did not really change my view on poetry an help my understanding of it. But then my second poem I started to understand the rhythm an how stanzas an syllables work. But still did not help to much when trying to figure out the theme an what the poem actually was about. That is what I thought about the theme about both poems and how i still am not good at finding the themes and understanding poems probably due to the fact I am probably considered illiterate.

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