Dodos Conundrum

My first impression of a dodos conundrum was completely off the actual theme. I have no idea what I was thinking at first an Mr.Mcgarry probably thought I was insane or something. My first idea of the theme for the Dodos conundrum was that this guy was on the run from the police an that he is on a train looking at nature. Looking at things like pine trees and hearing sirens from the police that a represented by mermaids but I was completely off what it actually was. What Mr. McGarry said it was, was that this man is making a model of what he thinks to be a perfect world. Now what he thinks to be a perfect world is not what another person may think. Then we did questions for this one poem called sound an sense. We also did this for another poem we read called Eldorado by Edgar Allen Poe. I think the sound sense questions in the new poem is a lot more difficult to answer then Eldorado. First, because I could not even figure out the theme for the longest time for the Dodo’s Conundrum. Also, we went over the theme for Eldorado. Some of the questions were easier to answer for each poem don’t get me wrong, but that is just how I feel. We also wrote two poems by ourselves. My first poem was not really good an it did not really change my view on poetry an help my understanding of it. But then my second poem I started to understand the rhythm an how stanzas an syllables work. But still did not help to much when trying to figure out the theme an what the poem actually was about. That is what I thought about the theme about both poems and how i still am not good at finding the themes and understanding poems probably due to the fact I am probably considered illiterate.

No more poetry writing


In the beginning when we started writing poetry I started thinking it wouldn’t be that bad because I listen to a lot of rap music an I thought it could have some kind of similarity. Well I thought wrong there is a lot more to writing a poem then just rhyming words together. One of the hardest things with no doubt in my mind is just thinking about what to write about an what the theme should be. This is hard because when you finally think about a topic to write about then what should you write about it. For example, many people write poems about love so what can you write about love and how can you go into detail about it. I found this extremely difficult to do and many of my peers around my table in the classroom thought so to. Another thing is how to get the rhythm down and how to get everything to line up. This was kinda hard because you have to develop a rhythm and pattern with the measurements of the words. So my perception of poetry has changed a lot after my second poem which is about the struggles of basketball tryouts.

Now the presentation for my poem is probably going to be even harder then actually writing the poem about tryouts. Now I could just go into depth about how much pain we went through and show pictures of some of the things we did. Some of the things we did where like suicides, coach whites, and timed sprints like run up the court in 5 seconds, run up and back in 12 seconds.  Another thing I could show in my presentation is is write a stanza and show two pictures that represent the stanza. For example when in my poem I write how I crawled away like a centipede out of exhaustion so I would show a picture of a centipede and someone crawling from exhaustion, also I wouldn’t put something too graphic so everyone could enjoy my presentation or power point. That is what i am going to do to present my poem.

poem reading

The new unit that we are starting is all about poem’s. so this is how I feel about poem’s and how that  has not changed really at all as we are going through this unit.  Before we even got into poetry and really talked about it this year I didn’t really think much of it. I wasn’t really ever interested in it and honestly probably never will be. We started to talk about stanzas and syllabus and it doesn’t really catch my attention and seems kinda difficult to sometimes understand. Then Mr. Mcgarry  is making us write a poem either in free verse or with rhythm but it has to be 16 lines. I find this difficult to write a poem because I don’t really know what to write about even though he gave us some examples but I couldn’t really relate to any of the examples he gave us because they were mostly about love and I didn’t really want to write something about love. Then we read this poem by Edgar Allen Poe called Eldorado. Now Eldorado is about a knight that is looking for Eldorado and how he meets a pilgrims shadow and that he has to travel through the valley of shadows. Now I was with my group talking about the theme of the poem and we came up with something that was not even really close to what our teacher said it was but i gave it my best shot right. Then we kept going on with all these other questions about this poem and me and my one friend have no clue what any of it means while the other two people at my table try to explain it different and we are both still confused. One day me and him will hopefully understand but right now we have no idea whats going on. So in conclusion the poem I am writing is not going very well I still have to get the syllabus figured out with it, and I do not really like poetry that much but maybe I will start to like it a little better as we keep going on through the unit.

independent reading

The book I have recently read was Percy Jackson the lightning thief. My initial reaction to the book in the beginning it starts out with a 12 year old boy named Percy who has no father and lives with his mom and her boyfriend. now her boyfriend is the biggest loser ever Percy makes it sound like and he abuses his mom. Percy tries so hard to get his mom to leave him but for some reason she just says he will understand in the future. Now this made me think why is his mom being so difficult and won’t even tell Percy why she won’t leave her boyfriend after all the stuff he has done to her, honestly made me feel frustrated for Percy. Anyways after awhile of going to school he gets called out by one of his teachers and has no idea why. The teacher then all of a sudden turns into a fury which is a demon from the depths of Taurus. The fury tries to get Percy a lightning bolt which he has no idea what the fury is talking about and then the fury gets scared by one of Percy’s teachers and Grover his best friend. Percy starts to freak out about this and Grover takes him back to his house. At about that point i was hooked into the idea or theme of this story and it started to get really exciting. Then Percy goes to camp-half blood and his mom gets taken an he realizes Hades has her and he decides to go out and find her and Grover and Annabeth ( a girl he just met who is a really good fighter). They go on this huge journey to get these pearls so the can escape the underworld. They go to see medusa, they fight a hydra, they escape the lotus which is a building that makes time speed up in the real world. That was really exciting when they were going through that. But then they make it to the underworld and try to reason with Hades and explain Percy does not have the lightning bolt. Once they get there Percy finds out that the shield Luke gave him had the lightning bolt in it and tried to frame Percy. When I realized Luke was the lightning thief it was a shocker and it started to make a lot of sense because of how Luke said he never met his dad and about how the gods only care about them selves and not about their children. After Hades thought he had the lightning bolt his fiance Persephone shot it at Hades an knocked him out cold. Persephone then gave them back the lightning bolt and just as they were about to leave they realized that they only had 3 pearls that could take them home. Grover decided to stay and let Percy his mom  and Annabeth go so they can give the lightning bolt back to Olympus and which they did and that is basically the end of the book. After though when they left Grover i felt bad for him because they literally left him in Hell. Later in the story though in the end he gets back to Camp Half-Blood and it’s all good. I choose this book because many people told me I would like it which I did like it. The reason I think I liked this story so much is probably because of how much action there was and how I kinda like the Greek mythology mixed in with all of it and was more modern and was more realistic to the world today.

Short story finishing

When I was finishing writing my short story I didn’t change to much of my story. In the beginning of it when I first started writing about it, I didn’t think of making it a movie or anything I was just going to go along with just Eric dying but it didn’t seem like enough and I wanted to add more to the story.  So, I came up with a good idea which was to make it all a movie scene and I kinda just went on with that idea for awhile. I started to add some more dialogue and then when Eric is pronounced dead the director yells “CUT!” and that is when everything is fine and peachy and no one died. After that Jack met up with Eric and they started to talk about everything about the movie and how many awards they where going to win and how both of them are living there dream. After that I still felt like I could go on even more with the story so I decided to add some irony. I got the cast to go out to dinner and in the middle of it there is a huge shooting and Jack gets shot. The tables turned at this point and Jack was dying in Eric’s arms. I finally felt like I had enough stuff in my story and i decide to end it on that.

On another note the book i read by Stephen King called Christine was really boring and I didn’t even want to finish it. It started out OK but I just lost interest and I just do not want to keep reading it. I do not really suggest reading this book because it is really long and it’s kind of a hit or miss. If you like that kind of horror stuff or just Stephen King i would suggest it to you but I do not think my friends would really like it to much.



The book that I have started reading has been Christine by Stephen King. The story Christine starts out not to boring and talks about Arnie who is a nerd in high school. As Arnie is driving down the road with Dennis he sees a Plymouth Fury. The story starts out very soon with some kind of excitement because when Arnie sees the car I started thinking that has to be Christine. So then Arnie and Dennis start to talk and Arnie and Dennis noticed something freaky about the car which then starts to make me get really excited about this story. So far I really like how the story is turning out and how it is already getting my attention and pulling me in the story. As I keep reading I feel like the story is gonna get more and more interesting and keep pulling my focus more and more in this story. One character I like about the story is Dennis he seems to be like one of the more cooler characters and he notices how there’s already something wrong with the car. I don’t like Arnie though he because he is really nerdy and he is the dumb one to buy Christine which I know he will regret later on the story. Something I can relate to though is buying a car. I can understand that in his eyes he knows he can fix her up and stuff but what I don’t understand is that he didn’t really think about buying the car or not. Arnie did not think over his decision at all and he just buys it on sight pretty much. I could never do that also I wouldn’t want a beat up car to I would rather save my money. So that is what I think about the story Christine so far. It’s starting to get exciting to read and i’m looking forward to how the story and Arnie and Dennis turn out after Arnie buying this haunted car. Also, I wanna see how everything leads up to Christine becoming possessed and what she does to everyone in the story.

The devil and Tom walker

The devil in Tom walker started to be very slow and boring and I did not find it very interesting and it did not seem like a story I would recommend to any of my friends. Eventually that started to change when it got to the middle of the story, the part that got me hooked was when the devil tried to make Tom a deal and he said no only because his wife would take the money and hide it or spend it without Tom because she is greedy. So his wife goes into the woods and tries to make a deal with the Devil her self because she is super greedy, but the devil says no and they get into a fight and she loses and the devil takes her leaving Tom her Heart and Liver. That is when this story started to get my attention and did not become as boring as I thought it was gonna be at the beginning. Which kind of reminds me about the first Harry potter book which had the most boring beginning at first but later became one of my favorite books and even series. Now if I could change the story I would probably change the beginning because it is just starts out so boring to me in opinion and I can see why some might not read the story because of how boring the beginning is. I would probably start out with Tom in the woods and he sees the devil and it flashes back to everything like where’s and what is the setting and to learn about the characters. Then as the story builds up to that moment I would continue it just the way it was before because that is when it started to catch my interest. That is just my opinion on how to make the story better I do not know what anyone else thinks about the story, some might even find the beginning interesting and the rest of the story boring (I find that highly unlikely). So that is what I thought about this short story.

Elements of the story

what we learned in the second week of school in Language arts was the elements of a short story What the elements are in a short story is the Exposition, which is where the writer/ author gives information on the background or characters of a story. Then there is the rising action which is the complication in the story. Also there is the climax which is the turning point in the story. then the denouncement which is like the showing of the resolution in the final chapter and the resolution is the end of the story where everything is resolved and its the end of the story. I also learned a lot more then just that but those are the main components I learned. Now since I have had the weekend to watch movies that use these components the way I think about movies did not change to drastically but, it did change a little bit. It kinda makes me think that this part of the movie is now going through the exposition or one of any of those components I have learned about. Also, I remember Mr. McGarry telling us how in movies they will leave what most will call a “cliff hanger ” so if the movie makes enough money they can make a cheaper sequel because they know that since you are some how attached to the cliff hanger you will have to watch the second one and maybe a third one. So now I know when I go see a sequel to a movie i liked it is very unlikely that it ill be as good as the first one or better. Another thing that these elements/ components added was a better understanding to most stories I read or watch and it helps almost understand the story better because every author i can think of uses this Template to make a short story, and I couldn’t really think of another way to make a story without it. So with these Elements of a short story it did not change my view in an insane amount but it did change it just a little so I now know the patterns of most stories.