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A very important event in my life is every year when i go to Bear Creek Camp.  It is very important because some of my best friends i met at camp.  I always get really excited when June comes around.  a lot of important people go to camp and they mean everything to me. My one friend Josh is so close to me that we went to Hershey park together.  we have a group that hangs out together every year.  That group is Teagen, Paige, Mickey, Emma, Anna, Lauren, Katelynn, Olivia, Elijah, Tristan, Josh, Eric, Marco, Andrew and I.

My first song on my playlist is Best Day of My Life.  I chose this song because when you get to camp it feels like it might be the best day of your life.

For my second song I chose Happy because you are always really happy the first couple days of camp.  I love this song because it represents how happy you are at camp.

My next song on my playlist is Don’t Worry Be Happy.  I chose this song because at camp it feels like there are no worries and it is very relaxing.

After that on my playlist is September.  This is on my playlist because they play this song every year at camp.  we even have a dance that everyone in the camp does at the dance.

The second to last song on my playlist is Last Midnight.  This is my song because it represents Friday (the last day).  It is our last day with each other until the next year.

My last song represents Saturday morning when we leave.  I chose See You Again for my last song because it embraces how you are going to miss those people.


In all the weeks of camp there are many different emotions that you go through with you friends.

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  1. Great job on your playlist Noel! I agree with 23hleisering I think you could/should have added “Happier” by Marshmellow and Bastille.

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