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The song I have chosen is ” History” by One Direction. This song is on the album Made in the A.M .   ” History” was released in 2015.  Syco Music and Sony were the recording labels/ companies. In the U.S ” History ” was number 65 on the US billboard hot 100. Also in Scotland it was number 3. On Youtube, ” History” has 326 million views.


In ” History” the instruments they used were guitars and featured claps. The vocal style is pop. Each member has a certain style of singing.  The mood is sad and proud. Part of the song is slow and part if the song is faster. The meaning of the lyrics are to tell fans they are taking a break and saying that they have been through a lot together.


I personally love this song because growing up I loved One Direction. I still listen to them and I now love their solo careers.

7 thoughts on “Featured Song

  1. I used to love One Direction, I don’t hate them but I just don’t listen to them that much anymore. I listen to my favorite songs from them. What One Direction songs are your favorite?

  2. I was never a fan of One Direction. But this song isn’t bad. It’s not something I’ll listen to a lot but still, it’s not bad.

    • That works. I was younger when I loved them. I only like them a little now that they aren’t together but I do like their solo careers.

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