Charles Kane

When the film first started and for probably about a half hour, I had no interest in the movie because it seemed fairly boring, there was nothing that made me say, wow, this is quality film, or a good story line. The only thing that kept my attention was trying to figure out what the meaning of Rosebud was. It was suspenseful and it was what kept everyone in the class watching the movie in the beginning because for the first half hour or so you were thinking the whole time about how boring the movie is.

Overall, I think the movie was created in order for people to see that money may not always bring happiness. That you will need something else or someone else in order for you to be happy. In the case of Charles Kane, it was not the money that brought him all the happiness in the world, rather it was people when they loved him or his memory’s of his youth. The creator of this masterpiece of a movie wanted the viewer to realize that you would be like Charles Kane, and money would NOT help you in your overall quest to be a better person, and that once you are rich it would be a lonely world because you would not be judged and viewed in the same light that everyone else would be in society.

The different things throughout the movie that led to the unhappiness of Charles Kane were everywhere. The biggest was obviously his loss of love with the second wife and quite frankly the first as well. He did not love them, there was no doubt, but he enjoyed being loved by them, it made him feel important. The love that they gave him made him feel good despite the fact that he did not love them back. When the first left him he felt a great need to find that feeling again, when the second left him, he basically gave up and started to just reflect on his childhood after he went crazy. Something else that also kind of drove him into a state of unhappiness was the way that no one liked how he would spend to show affection, his second wife, the ‘opera singer’ was in a constant state of letting him know she did not appreciate it. One other thing that drove him insane to was people spreading fake news, such as the completely made up affair right before he would have gotten elected governor of New York. Which he would have one. All of these plus small things that I’m sure we did not see would have led to you being extremely lonely and unhappy if you lived in a house the size of his without anyone besides your servants with you.

Overall, I think the movie was not bad. It was a lot better for the second half once things got interesting. For a while in the beginning of his paper company’s existence during the movie, you were extremely board. Basically until just before the election when they go to his opponents house. After this you were more interested and emotionally attached to the story line as you are in a constant state of wondering what is next. After this I do think it was a very good movie.