Anyone, a Weird Dream, and a Love Song

I wish I could type out how all three intertwine with each other, but, that is not going to happen. If it was not for that Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, I would be able to compare the other two no problem.

The one poem, ‘Disillusionment at 10 o’clock’ is about how everyone is the same and that all people are actually extremely similar due to the idea that we all act the same or fairly similar to each other when we are not in public, there is no uniqueness. What Wallace Stevens talks about in the poem is how only every once in a while someone will act happy and be something they wish they were, in the way he puts it, this is in a dream, he also says how that person is ‘drunk’, this is supposed to show that these people are not viewed in a great light who do something unique.

The second poem, ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town’ was at first an extremely confusing poem to figure out, and then, once you find out that Anyone and Noone from the poem are people, it is just like reading a story, not something that is supposed to trick you. What I think the story is about is a guy dying (anyone), how it happens and what leads up to it and how Noone reacts. I think this poem, just like Disillusionment is about how people are extremely similar to each other. Anyone was given the name Anyone because people are so similar it does not make a difference who dies in order for a certain line of events to happen. The town will miss the person the same amount and the whole process after death will go the same, so they are both about how similar people are, and I think the point each author is trying to get across is that people should try to be different and unique if they want something special in life. Or, something good that not everyone gets to happen. I could not tell you and I will not compare The Love Song to these two poems because I really don’t have much of an idea of what is happening in it, if I had to guess, it is about being a unique person, based on the way that he sort of talks about who he is instead of everyone. But once again, I’m very unsure.

The poem that compares the best to the way people are in our society today is ‘Disillusionment at 10 o’clock’ by Wallace Stephens. The reason is, everybody around us today is trying to fit in, be part of something, be a part of a ‘click’, and no one has any uniqueness to them and everyone does the same things. It is an extreme rarity that you run into someone who is not like this, and these are the people that we view with admiration or in a bad way, like saying a person is crazy or something that is not of the nicest meaning, but are unable to do it at a personal level. People can still learn from it today, instead of being the ‘White nightgown’ person, be the sailor that has fun and is himself, and dreams, and enjoys life. This is how I try to live, most of the time, and I feel happy, so, maybe everyone would feel happy this way. I feel as if the ‘sailor’ he is referencing was.┬áThis one is also my favorite basically because it screamed everything that I just said in the previous paragraph to me and made me think about how this poem would be a great thing to teach people of today’s society with.

The reason that I feel the Disillusionment at 10 o’clock is the best of all three is because of everything I previously explained and how people can still learn from it in society today.

Sorry about the length!


I chose this because you are an individual, separate from those surrounding you