What Just Happened?

Frogs jumping… I did not think this would be something I would be reading about going into this school year, but, here we are. It sounds kind of lame or boring, but, at the end of the day it was actually a very interesting story. It was also a good use of ‘Satire’. Satire is basically when humor is used to try and make fun of someone or something. In a lot of cases, there person getting made fun of does not realize it because satire comes across in a humorous way. The story “The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, the difference between the east and the west comes to the forefront. We have the guy who comes to the west to face the guy originally from the west, shows the over confidence of the uncivilized west hillbillies. It just shows that difference. Smiley did not realize that the guy from the east was making fun of him basically until the contest was over.

Looking forward, to when we read ‘Huckleberry Finn’, another book by Mark Twain, I am looking for the small, subtle uses of Satire, nothing big, most likely something that other or myself will not realize till it is being explained to us, then it will make sense. I don’t know much about the story, but I know that Twain will throw in small things misspelled to sort of make fun of people from the south, show that they are less educated and smart. He will have characters make those small comments like what we say when frustrated under our breathes. It will be funny, yet, I feel like it will be serious at the same time.

The weirdest thing that I have seen all year, any class, was definitely the iMom short film about these robots that take the job of the parents when they go out to do something immature and stupid. That is one of the things being Satirized in the film, the immaturity of parents. The parents that still go out and party until they are like fifty. The parents who are brutal to their kids that don’t want kids but had them too young, and the parents that don’t get along well. They have a hard time dealing with their kids because they can’t bring it together and get along with each other. The reliance on technology shows this because it lets them do the things that make them mature or just leave so they don’t have to be there. It satirizes the unhealthy reliance on technology on human society, the need to have something to think for you. The want for a better life for themselves that has them not think as much. In the short film, it shows how technology can be trusted too much, and the consequences of it. Now, no babies are getting cooked in real life but the whole point of this is to show that the more that you rely on technology, the more chances at something bad happening.

Basically, all these things show something different, but all make great points. Maybe not Huck Finn, I don’t know everything that happens in it yet. But, Satire does a great job at showing the difference between two things in a humerus way, which is better than a poem doing the same thing.

The photo is from ‘Red Apple Ranch’