A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away people started to use humor to make fun of people and too tell them their weaknesses. Basically making fun of them being stupid in a joking manner where the person being made fun of does not realize what is happening.

Personally, myself and the rest of the high school, or any school experience the use of satire every day, multiple times. Something that is common to be used among kids of high school is people just repeating something someone says if the find it to be stupid and saying something like, “That is definitely how something works, not like (example)” Then, making a joke about what the person who said something stupid said. Many different types of humor could be used to describe satire, in the case I just described, it would most likely be ‘observational’ humor, someone watching what is happening and then making a comment based on their observations.

My favorite type of humor that is used a situation of when satire is being used is Improvisational, personally I’m never going into a day thinking to myself that I’m going to say this funny thing today, unless the opportunity presents itself I’m not going to say something funny most likely. Basically though, all I’m going to use is Improvisational, because, I might use a phrase if someone arrives late to a class or someone who is a friend that you can make a joke too, the phrase “Thank God you are here” in a sarcastic voice. This is really the only example I can give.

There are people who are better at using humor than me though or the world would be a dull place, not somewhere where people break in to laughter everyday or there is a lighthearted joke made to describe something. It might be an accident, but it also might not be, the way that Mark Twain’s writing will sometimes seem so funny because of the way his words will be spelled wrong, yet despite the fact that this might not have been intentional it is funny and it does make you pay closer attention to what is happening. It does not make the story as boring, or, even if it is not boring, it helps you understand everything that is happening. Which, is more important than a couple of words being spelled wrong. I find this interesting because I think sometimes with myself and I’m sure for others, reading the same thing for to long can get boring and then you miss important parts of the story. So, something that keeps you from just scanning and not gaining the story helps you understand it better.


Guy laughing out loud