Vertigo Partial Movie Review

When I first saw the beginning of Vertigo, I thought it would be kind of boring. Lets just say I was sorely mistaken, it is extremely interesting, definitely a little confusing, but interesting.

My initial thoughts were, what is going to be interesting about this movie, because in Scotties dream at the begging, they really focused on the fear of heights. This would make sense when the women that looks very similar to Madeline gets thrown off the roof and he could not follow her all the way to the top. Another one of my initial thoughts is, why does Midge even exist? We have not gotten far enough yet to realize why so right now I feel as if she is just a major waste of time. I know she is going to have to play a bigger role coming down the stretch in the movie or there would be no way she would be in the movie, I’m just not completely sure what.

There are many things in the movie in which I like, but, the main thing is the story line. Despite the fact that the whole plot is extremely confusing, I find it cool, intriguing, making you think. I have never seen a movie like it before. I think it is cool that there is not a lot of major characters, it is straight to the point and focusing on the main theme, what is up with Madeline? Is she possessed and how can Scottie get her out of the situation, and, what will the outcome be for them. I think it is just an interesting situation, most likely because I have never personally seen another movie like it, someone being possessed, it is cool to wonder what is going to happen. Also, I like how there is no talking or conversation that are not necessary, everything is extremely important for the outcome, except for so far unless something changes by the end with Midge.

I think to change it for modern society’s liking would be to just use better graphics and computer animation. The movie is made as great as it possibly could have been back then without the technology needed to edit it, but now, we can make situations seem much more creepy like when they were changing the colors to symbolize going to a flashback. Also, we can make certain things make more realistic like Scottie looking down in the tower and feeling sick instead of the camera just being moved. Overall, I don’t think you can really change anything else and make it the same movie, like I said, almost everything that happens is very important for what is coming later in the movie. Personally, I like it the way it is and would not like to see it changed, despite the fact that I know a lot of people would like to see it modernized. I think it is more interesting than a poem, so I’m not complaining, and I am intrigued at what the outcome will be.