Blog 16, Civil Disobedience

After reading Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, my opinion on the government has not changed at all, I understand what he is talking about, but, that dose not always mean I agree 100% with what he is saying.

An example of this would be how when he says “that government is best which governs least”. Personally, I do think the government can get to involved, it’s got to make companies and individuals make decisions, not tell them exactly what to do, but, the government is there for a reason, they are there to make sure that we live in a good country. They are there to keep peace, or create laws to keep us from doing stupid things. Without the government, Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ would come true and America would not be the place that we know today or what we have seen at any time in American history.

A statement that I feel Thoreau supports that I disagree with is “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it…” I completely disagree because I feel as if this is sort of supporting like a dictatorship for a ‘communist’ society. I have no respect for the idea of one man having power, and, if it is an attempt for a communist society, there has not been one that has worked well or ended well in the history of our planet…. That we know of. Instead, I support a government that is a democracy with a presidential system and split government. So, exactly what the United States has now. There are times where I may not like the government, and the people in it, but I respect it because I know it is what the people want and it is fair because they were voted in. I feel as if voting in leaders is the best way of doing this because if the leaders in government are truly representing the people, the people should choose them.

Thoreau has influenced many major people since him through history, but none bigger than Martin Luther King Jr. The reason I feel like this is because he contributed to Kind being peaceful. Also, the type of protest that the two sort of created with gathering a large group of people, which was not new at the time but became more popular after the events of Martin Luther King Jr in order to force government to do something for the people. This was just one thing that Thoreau influenced, he made it seem as if government is bad, that the people should not have to pay taxes and listen to the government. This still happens all the time today, people protesting something the government is doing and not following the rule they are protesting.

Thoreau has influence and made so many things more acceptable in society. He thought ahead of his time, he would be a perfect person to fit into today’s complaining society. His works will continue to be studied because they are so similar to what is happening today so people will assume at some point he might be able to predict what society is like. He might be able to give incite into our future as a human race some might argue, and, quite frankly, there is a chance that he knows more about today that people who are actually living do, so, he might.


From Literary Hub  This is a good example of Civil Disobedience because it shows people going against the government for themselves.