Short Story

My story is going to be about a guy who gets fired from his job, becomes homeless and eventually discovers a guy in an abandoned house playing music. Then, the two of them will end up playing music together and very quickly gain popularity with the people until they are playing in major stadiums all over the world. They will both become rich.

When we first were looking at the six word short stories in class, I thought that this would be one that can go in a lot of directions that not a lot of people would choose. The way that I thought of what was going to happen to the six words was just me answering the questions with possible answers. I just feel as if it is what the six words are saying. I basically am just refining what is already there except for adding a few things like a guy getting fired. I just added what I thought it could be when we were reading over the questions in class.

Our process is what formed the story, if we would not have done the assignments that we did in class there was no chance that I would have came up with this story. I feel like nobody would have, McGary led everyone into their story, even if it is in a weird way for some people. I think the reason he would do something like this is in order to get the best product out of us, because, if he didn’t, I would not know where I would be in this process as well as where anyone else would be.

Overall, the short story experience has been a fun one, there are not many other assignments where you are allowed to make up as much as you are able to make up for this paper. It is completely worth the time and effort and makes writing papers feel not that bad. I am looking forward to reading some interesting stories in class.

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  1. 20jrichendrfer · October 1, 2018 at 2:01 pm ·

    Finally, a quality narrative. I will be looking forward to this one.