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My song I chose is “Pompeii” by Bastille. Bastille also composed many other songs. For example, “Overjoyed”, “Bad Blood”, “Flaws”, “Laura Palmer”, “Things We Lost in the Fire”, “Of the Night”, “Oblivion”, “Torn Apart”, “Good Grief”, “Send Them Off!”, and “Happier”. It was released on 12 January 2013. The single sold over 2 million copies around the world. I would find this a very successful song. The recording company is Virgin Records.

One of the instruments used in “Pompeii” is the drums. They also use a digital background during the whole song. This song uses mostly rock vocal style. The mood of song is mostly sad. The tempo is more fast than slow. The lyrics are about the town of Pompeii which was destroyed in a volcanic eruption. The song is about the before and after effect of the eruption.

I think this song is really good. I like this because its lyrics are meaningful. They are pretty a remembrance of the volcanic eruption that took out a lot of the population of Pompeii. All in all, this song is really good.

All About Me!

My name is Alyssa and I love to play sports. I play basketball on the 8th grade junior high team. I also play soccer. I have a Yellow Lab. Her name is Lucy. My favorite subject is math. My favorite animals are dogs.

My earliest musical memories are when I was younger I was in my church chorus group. I sang in this group for 2-3 years. Another musical memory is, for Christmas at our church people from the church would volunteer to sing a Christmas carol. My dad volunteered my brother and I to sing “The Little Drummer Boy”. My brother and I sang while my dad play the drum. I am currently involve in the Bloomsburg Middle School chorus.

I like to listen to music in my room when I am working on something. For example, if I am working on math homework I would listen to the music. I like to also listen to music on a long road trip. I mostly listen to music in the afternoon or early morning. I listen to music through ear bubs. I sometimes use a speaker.

I like to listen to the group Pentatonix. I like them because they use their voices as instruments. I also like them because they sing all different type of music. Also they sing clean songs. I also like their videos. I also like the band Imagine Dragons. I like their voices and music in general. My favorite song is “Thunder”. I like it because of the instruments they use. These are my 2 favorite groups

             This is Pentatonix.

This is Imagine Dragons                                            .

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