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SoNg ThInG i HaVe To Do

The artist of this song “Trip” is Ella Mai. This song was released on August 2 in the year 2018. And her recording company is known as Interscope Records. Ella Mai’s song made it to number 11 on the charts.

The instruments used in this song are mainly just vocals by Ella Mai, and the vocal styles are mainly R&B. The mood is happy, and affection, and then the tempo is almost normal speed, it’s just a little bit faster than that. The lyrics show a way to say sorry and that people make mistakes, and it shows that love can be easy or very hard. It’s also realizing how she, personally, made mistakes and that she was done tripping by making things up.

My personal feelings on this song are that I love this song, and I love Ella Mai’s voice. This song also gives out a good message about love and her exprience on it, and I love that. It’s also a little different from what I normally listen to, which is normally rap music.

All About Me!

Hi there, my name is Ashlyn and I do competative cheer for TNT, and other than that my life is pretty boring and I just sit at home and listen to music. My earliest musical memories are when I was like a tiny child I loved Justin Beiber, in fact I went to one of his first concerts. I’m not really in any real musical activites other than music in school… so yeah. Anyways, I basically listen to music anywhere and everywhere, I listen to music on my phone, speaker, my surface pro, or anything I can listen to music on. My favorite artists would be Cardi┬áB or Ariana Grande, for Cardi B I love her style in music and I love how she has a great sense of humor, and then for Ariana Grande I love how she’s sweet and I also love her music.

Ariana Grande is also so adorable

I love how sassy Cardi B is too

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