Lit music

My favorite song is Hmm by Hott Headzz it came out in 2016. It is produced by


The original song had 17 million views so I recommend wacthing the original video it is more intresting because it has people dancing and you will understand the song better because it will have all words. The song is medium speed it doesn’t go that fast till the end. I think it is a great song, the words rhyme well and it sounds great. They talk about shooting a lot because they are a gang. They sing it in a raw way which is why I think it sounds good. Their is more  than one person their is 4 and they all sound different so you get different things out of the song. They have perfect timing for when their suppost to sing, like at the end when they all  start singing right after  each other. The song in my opinion is really good and it gets me hyped.

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