blog 14

I am currently reading Teen Carceration: from bar cells to ankle bracelets, I just started reading this book today. The book is about teens getting locked up, and some stories about being in jail as a minor and why they are there, and how its like being there. honestly, the Fridays that we read, don’t really help encourage reading. I think thats the only day I actually read.

My opinion on the Transcendentalism is that it really doesn’t make much sense. The Song Of Myself didn’t make sense at first, but after we did the presentations, it made so much more sense. I never realized when reading it before, how many little meanings there are in the reading.

My initial thoughts on the movie Vertigo, is that it will probably be good because its a pretty popular movie, but it was made in 1958, so it might not be as good as people thought back in the 50s. Doing the research i found out that in a later interview, Alfred Hitchcock said he believed Kim Novak was miscast, and the wrong actress for the part. I think the most difficult part will be watching the movie and realizing that some of the parts will be more difficult because the movie was made so long ago.

Blog 13

My initial reaction to the poem was that it didn’t really make much sense. I thought it was just a guy who loved nature and the thought of himself. The initial thought of the lines we were assigned (group 14 and 17) were very confusing. It would probably make more sense if we didn’t get parts from the middle of the poem. i feel like poems are easier to understand in either the beginning or end of it.

Blog 12

After reading Emerson and Thoreu’s work, I realized that they enjoy the thought of hard work and nature. They were simple people who thought that the world didn’t need to revolve around the government. They thought that the world was better if the government didn’t get involved in everything. They just have the same ideas and points on how they feel about nature and how everything should be stress free, and that working hard will pay off.

blog 12

At the beginning of the unit, I thought that (for my debate) it would be a good idea to change the drinking age to 18. But personally, even though I was Pro for the topic, I think it would be a better idea to keep the age at 21. For my debate it was hard to find information on why it should be changed to 18. It was 18 and then changed to 21 for good reasons.

Blog 10

My topic for the debate is changing the drinking age to 18. I personally think the drinking age should be changed to 18 along with the smoking age. if you’re able to be tried as an adult, then you should be treated like an adult. If 18 is still consirdered to be the adult age in the united states, then they should make their own choice about alcohol consumption. changing the law to 18 would diminish breaking the law when youre under 18.

Dodos Conumdrum

I personally think dodos conumdrum is a confusing poem. I don’t think the poem itself makes sense with the title because i don’t know how a dodo has to do with trains. But as we read more about it and do worksheets on the poem, the more it starts to make sense. I think the author wanted to make the poem hard to figure out and hard to understand to kind of make it a mystery. I’m still not 100 percent sure on what the poems theme really is, but i think it is about moving forward even if you don’t want to. I also don’t understand is the stanza forms or the writing styles of the poem. But other than that, i personally still don’t like poetry. It really doesn’t have a point to it. i feel like i shouldn’t have to analyze and put thoughts into poems that i believe don’t make sense.

blog 7

I personally think poetry is super boring. There’s never enough detail for it to be good and make sense. Although, i’m not a fan of poems, i did think eldorado was a decently good poem. It had meaning behind it and thats what i like about poems. I want a poem to actually make sense and have meaning rather than no meaning and not making much sense. Poetry isn’t as bad as i used to think it was back in middle school. I think it was bad in middle school because we were forced to read poems that were terrible.

Blog 6

Some of my first initial thoughts stayed during the process and making of my short story. Right away i knew what the main ideas of my story was going to be. It changed by adding details, becoming more creative with the main ideas, adding things in to add more interesting things to the story. some things changed in my story because i thought of other things to put in the story and and i also had to remove some of the ideas of the story because they wouldn’t make sense. I don’t really know what i like about my short story because it’s the one i wrote so i don’t know what there is to like about it, i don’t like that i didn’t put much dialogue throughout my story, that’s probably why it’s so short. The reading we’ve done in class and the independent reading don’t really affect my story at all.

blog 5

one element i can take from the story I’m reading into the story I’m developing would be setting. From the story I’m creating and from the book I’m reading, they could have setting in common. The story I’m going to write can be in a normal setting just like the book I’m reading. But my story i’m writing and the story i’m reading have two totally different settings overall. they are both in a neighborhood, but the story i’m writing is about halloween, ghosts ect. The book i’m reading is more positive and has a setting of more positive things. another thing they could have in common could be that they’re both high schoolers in both stories.

blog 4

Setting is in my book because the college Lara Jean wants to go to is in her home town, the setting is also important because of where Lara Jean lives, where Peter lives and everyone else in their town. Setting is also important because it gives good details about the character they are. The setting shows that living in a small town shows that you know everyone and a lot about each person. The setting also shows that anything could happen in the story. For example, Lara Jean got asked to prom by Peter in New York City. Thats important with setting because it wouldn’t have been as special if the background setting wasn’t talked about.