blog 5

one element i can take from the story I’m reading into the story I’m developing would be setting. From the story I’m creating and from the book I’m reading, they could have setting in common. The story I’m going to write can be in a normal setting just like the book I’m reading. But my story i’m writing and the story i’m reading have two totally different settings overall. they are both in a neighborhood, but the story i’m writing is about halloween, ghosts ect. The book i’m reading is more positive and has a setting of more positive things. another thing they could have in common could be that they’re both high schoolers in both stories.

blog 4

Setting is in my book because the college Lara Jean wants to go to is in her home town, the setting is also important because of where Lara Jean lives, where Peter lives and everyone else in their town. Setting is also important because it gives good details about the character they are. The setting shows that living in a small town shows that you know everyone and a lot about each person. The setting also shows that anything could happen in the story. For example, Lara Jean got asked to prom by Peter in New York City. Thats important with setting because it wouldn’t have been as special if the background setting wasn’t talked about.

Blog 3

my book doesn’t really use humor because its more of a romantic book. The book has a few jokes here and there, buts its not a humorous book. it could be funnier if they didn’t add as many sad parts to the book as they do. they always have negative side to the story. Nothing ever goes Lara Jeans way.

Blog 2

Lara Jean is the opposite of Peter. Lara Jean is a shy girl, smart and not very popular in school. Peter is the best lacrosse player at school, all the girls say hes very attractive and he’s very popular. Lara Jean’s personality affects the story because she always wants everything to go the right way when it doesn’t always. She’s bummed she didn’t ge into the University Of Viginia because she didn’t want to leave her family. She also wanted to go there because that’s where Peter’s going, he got a scholarship for that school. So, she’s pretty upset things aren’t going her way. Peter’s upset but its not the only thing on his mind right now. Jenny Han (the author) makes the characters seem like everything’s going perfectly in the beginning, but she’s showing the reader that not everything goes as planned and that eventually everything will fall into place.

Blog 1

The book I’m reading is called “Always and Forever, Lara Jean” by Jenny Han. It’s about a girl named Lara Jean and a boy named Peter. It’s their senior year of high school and Peter already gave a verbal commitment to the University of Virginia for lacrosse. Lara Jean is concerned she’s not going to the same college as Peter, she wants to hopefully get accepted into UVA with Peter. But she’s also excited for her senior year of high school, so she’s not letting that get in her way. She’s still looking forward to her class trip to New York City, prom and beach week after graduation. Until she gets some unexpected news that changes her plans.