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I am currently reading Teen Carceration: from bar cells to ankle bracelets, I just started reading this book today. The book is about teens getting locked up, and some stories about being in jail as a minor and why they are there, and how its like being there. honestly, the Fridays that we read, don’t really help encourage reading. I think thats the only day I actually read.

My opinion on the Transcendentalism is that it really doesn’t make much sense. The Song Of Myself didn’t make sense at first, but after we did the presentations, it made so much more sense. I never realized when reading it before, how many little meanings there are in the reading.

My initial thoughts on the movie Vertigo, is that it will probably be good because its a pretty popular movie, but it was made in 1958, so it might not be as good as people thought back in the 50s. Doing the research i found out that in a later interview, Alfred Hitchcock said he believed Kim Novak was miscast, and the wrong actress for the part. I think the most difficult part will be watching the movie and realizing that some of the parts will be more difficult because the movie was made so long ago.

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