Blog 9: Virtues Experiment

Going into this experiment I knew it would be a struggle. No one can be morally perfect. No one has ever and no one will ever. Except Jesus Christ. What I did was just live my life how I usually would to see how good it went. So I knew it would not be good and it was not at all. “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”- Vince Lombardi. I’ll start with temperance, I broke this one quite a lot. Everywhere from not getting enough sleep, eating to much, not eating enough. Also some times in which I had to much fun. Liability is next, throughout this experiment this was one of my best ones. I did not break this one once. I am very self aware of myself and know if something is my fault or not. Next is frugality, this one wasn’t terrible at all. I had about 2 occurrences in breaking this. They were either me spending my own money on food or washing my car. Next is industry, this one wasn’t great. I didn’t have much responsibilities because it was break. But I did have some assignments due. This is where I broke it. I wasn’t on top of my work and didn’t know that the persuasive writing/speaking was due when it was. Which I should’ve known because I should’ve checked. But I didn’t and I was late on turning it in. Resolution is next, this goes along with industry. So I did not do great either on this one. I broke it when I didn’t turn my assignment in on time. I let my mind wonder and not complete it on time. Next is tranquility, I did great on this. I never sweat the little things, I look to the bigger picture. I also know whats best for me as well. Next is enthusiasm, I did great with this as well. I am usually always happy and am optimistic so I didn’t have to do much to do good on this one. Sincerity is next, I did good on this one as well. I am pretty straight up so this was easy. Next is humility, this one was easy and I did good on it. I never usually boast about anything I have. I do not think there is a point in it. Next is prudence, I did absolutely terrible on this one. I did not develop any good habits over the break. Mostly only bad ones. From eating bad, being lazy, and much more. Order is next, I did not do to bad on this one. I kept time for everything and it all worked out. Next is silence, this one wasn’t to bad either. Mostly everything I said added to a conversation in a good manner. Justice is next, this one was good as well. I didn’t have any altercations so I didn’t mess up on this one at all. Moderation is next, this one was awful. I took nothing moderation at all over this break. Lastly is chastity, I did not have sex over break so I did not break this one either. So overall it was not great at all for the whole experiment. But I knew it wouldn’t, there is just certain ones I need to work on.

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