Blog #13 “Everyday is a gift. It’s just, does it have to be a pair of socks?”

Although this post is a little late to the party, I do however recall most information about our presentation on “Song of Myself.” My group was assigned sections 51-52. These sections were quite pivotal to the poem as a whole and brought closure to quite a long poem. I mostly enjoyed the poem, it was quite difficult to understand at times. Allowing the groups to present really brought a lot more meaning to the poem. Allowing me, personally, to see parts of it I haven’t seen before. I think that very reason really helped us shape our presentation as the days before unfolded. Whitman’s dedication, one could say, to transcendentalism has really shaped song of myself. It clearly shows in his work, constantly referencing nature and a higher power. I would go as far as to say that transcendentalism is the reason Whitman wrote Song of Myself. A question I would love to ask him.

Our section, as a whole, is Whitman trying to close out song of myself. there are many important lines especially since it is the end. As for section 51, all the lines of Whitman talking to God are very important. Not many people have actually spoken to God so I must say this is quite a big deal. Ha ha ha ha ha, that pretty good, am I right? Seriously though, those lines are basically telling Whitman to end the poem and a crucial part of the text. As for section 52, the part I am more focused on as it was my section, is the end of Song of Myself. Overall this section really brought closure to the whole poem. It kind of showed Whitman asking the reader to continue his work. Try to “transcend” as far as he did. Almost as a challenge or taunt to the reader.  Some difficulties we faced while working as group cohesion. Some of us are better at completing their work than others and we struggled in that area. All in all, we produced a great product and I am proud of what we achieved. Quite frankly, the poem was interesting, but I didn’t really get it until everyone presented.

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