Blog #12 “I Don’t like tardiness” part 2.

It appears my inability to function as a normal intelligent person has been shot out the window. Not only have I missed the due date of this blog by 2 months, but quite frankly your disappoint should be immeasurable and your day ruined because of my laziness. In fact, I have sat in my room and played Minecraft like the little monkey I am (chimp). Also, I am currently playing Minecraft as I am writing this blog. Quite a spectacle my world is, with the helps of Connor we have established quite an empire. In factual tense, Thoreau and Emerson would enjoy this little microcosm of a world we have created. With forests and fields stretching large, the theme of nature is definitely established in stone. Nature, of course, is such an immensely important part of transcendentalism, hence why Thoreau enjoys my Minecraft world. Although I must say Thoreau would most likely be against the idea of a world oversaturated in technology. But that’s beside the point.  But recently I have done nothing but listen to the song Sweden on the Minecraft playlist. I feel as if I am transcending and reaching true Nirvana with each passing hour. Quite a beautiful thought isn’t it? The glorious harmony of the pianos and the synthetic whispers gliding through the air. It gives me a sense of purpose and feeling on an otherwise dreary day (world).  I think the immense amount of gum I have been chewing can be directly linked to the thoughts of Thoreau. Gum seeks elasticity in the mouth, to mold its self to the teeth, as Thoreau tries to mold to the earth. The flavor of the gum is religion itself, a 15 pack of Spearmint extra one could say. Gum has thousands of flavors, as we have thousands of religions. They all come out to be the same though, a lump of tasteless gum that molds to the teeth.

The modern reader should use Thoreau as the benchmark for forward-thinking. In a world where everyone is stuck to the screen (playing Minecraft), one cannot truly understand the importance and meaning of nature. From this day on I will give my PC a fiery death, along with my beautiful Minecraft world because, in the end, the only thing that’s real is nature and sometimes God. The wise Coraddo Soprano once said, “I don’t like tardiness.”

A Minecraft note block beautifully playing Sweden

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