Blog #7 “I’m like King Midas in Reverse Here”

My impression of poetry is slightly increasing. It is still one of my least favorite English topics, and I would much rather read short stories. I will not complain though, I find understanding poetry an important subject. Some of the poems we read in class include Eldorado and the march of the dead. The March of the Dead by Robert Service was the poem I chose for my poetry search. I enjoyed both of these poems, I really liked the setting of both of them. The one written about a conquistador and the other written about a war veteran. Poems with these themes, kind of historical, are interesting to me. They make them easy to read, I almost want to say I enjoy it, but I would never admit that.  On the other hand, I hate poems about nature. Robert Frost is a big no-no. His poems are like nails on chalkboard to me. Painful to read. Part of the reason I hate poetry. In middle school, we were forced to read these types of poems essentially ruining everything. Day after day, we would crank these terrible poems out. It was like prison, forever leaving a sour taste of English classes in my mouth.

All in all, poetry is still terrible. The gaping scar middle school left on me will take years to heal, maybe someday in college, I will come to fully appreciate poetry. The damage is slowly being healed though, reader poems I enjoy will only help. Poems such as Eldorado and The March of The Dead, are great examples because their setting and themes interest me. I hope in the future of this class we can do more poems like these. Maybe but doing progressively harder poems, I’ll become more interested in nature poems because ill actually be able to understand them. That is all pure conjecture of course/ I would never admit to enjoying poetry. I will put the effort in to complete my assignments, grades are more important than refusing to do poetry because I dislike it.


This picture of Homer Simpson working at the nuclear plant is me when I try to interpret poetry.

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